BB Seaweed | Lush Fresh Face Mask Review


I’m really into Lush’s Cupcake face mask, which you can see a review of here. Despite my love for Cupcake, it’s designed for oily skin and my skin has a lot of dry patches. I thought I’d be better suited to this BB mask so decided to give it a go.

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A Day At Ascot


To celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday last weekend, my family and I visited Ascot racecourse in Berkshire. I’d never been to the races before, and to be honest don’t know how much I agree with it (or gambling), but I have to say I had a really amazing day.

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Topshop Lipsticks

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As a lover of all things British (scones, bunting, the royal family, queueing..) it seems only logical that I’m a huge Topshop fan. I practically skip out of the shop swinging my bags every time I make a purchase. Although my main driving force of entering Topshop is to buy clothes, I’m really into the make-up selection, especially the lipsticks.

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OOTD | Beginnings of Autumn


Dressing for Autumn is probably my favourite of all of the seasons. I can get away with my basic monochromatic wardrobe and don’t have to wear loads of layers to stay warm. As you can see, I’ve transitioned some of my Summer staples into this outfit too, like my cropped tee & floral headband. I’m no fashion expert (and have melt-downs dressing myself at times) but really like how this outfit came together in the end.

Top: Vera Moda

Leggings: Miss Selfridge

Leather Jacket: Vintage

Shoes: John Lewis

Bag: H&M

Headband: Topshop

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The Breakfast Club

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I’d heard so many good things about the Breakfast club and drooled over countless Instagram posts of their delicious looking pancakes. I’m definitely a big breakfast kind of girl, so looking through the extensive menu was exciting and almost hypnotic. 

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Buying My First MAC Lipstick

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I hope you all enjoyed the dramatic-ness that is the title of this blog post. I literally felt like I was posting ‘I’m pregnant’ or something along those lines. What a momentous occasion. Okay I’ll stop now.

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August Favourites

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Feels weird and slightly scary that it’s September already, feels like the official start of Autumn (though I’m really excited to wear vampy lipstick and whack out the xmassy jumpers). Coming at you with a favourites post today, and got a couple of non-beauty related exciting things in there to mix it up. Hope you guys enjoy & let’s get started.

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