Products I’ve Used Up

IMG_3101I’d like to begin this post with a massive apology at how rubbish I’ve been at posting recently. Sometimes life gets a bit hectic and if I’m honest I’ve found it difficult to channel my creativity lately. I thought I’d take it back to my roots and write one of my favourite posts to read – I just love having a nosey at what people have bought and whether or not they think it’s worth repurchasing. 

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Favourite Texturising Hair Products

thisWhen it comes to hair, I hate putting in loads of time and effort, but I still want it to look good. I love to wash it and leave my hair to prevent heat damage maintain its length and healthiness. My hair is naturally curly so I like to embrace the messy look by running through texturising products. I thought I’d share my favourites with you guys!

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Top 5: Non-Slushy Valentines Cards

ryan-gosling-is-love-L-SXa893For some strange reason, I’ve really gotten into cards recently. Whether that be browsing the internet for ages looking for the perfect illustration to suit the occasion, or receiving cute words and images to put in my scrapbook. I thought I’d use my new-found love for cards to counter my aversion to over slushy messages and compliments. Here are my Top 5 cards for all you non-romantics out there.

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Is promoting a Size 22 model constructive or destructive?

image13This week, Tess Holliday has made history by becoming the first signed model of her height and size. The news has largely divided public opinion and raises the interesting question of whether promoting a Size 22 body size is constructive or destructive. 

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Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne

thisBit of a quickie post today, but I thought I’d share a scent I’ve absolutely fallen in love with this month. It’s the first ‘grown up’ perfume I’ve gotten into wearing and I’m really excited about it.

Jo Malone is a brand that exudes complete luxury and indulgence. After ages of researching their different scents (and sniffing countless samples in store) I decided to take the plunge and purchase the English Pear & Freesia fragrance. I have to say though, it was difficult to narrow down my choice as the Earl Gray & Cucumber and Blackberry & Bay colognes are absolutely gorgeous too.

I love the scent of English Pear & Freesia as it’s fresh, fruity and floral without being overpowering. It’s a great all-year round fragrance and I find it’s perfect for day-time wear as it’s not too musky or intrusive. I’d definitely say it’s been worth investing more money than usual on this perfume as a couple of spritzes lasts me for hours. I must say, I feel rather goddess-like when I’ve got it on too haha!

What perfume do you guys love wearing? Make sure you leave a comment below, I’d love your recommendations :)

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My Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

I stumbled across this post over on Lily Melrose’s blog, and it really made me smile. There’s something fascinating about discovering what people get up to when nobody’s watching! Here are 10 of my guilty pleasures, make sure you guys comment below if you relate to any of these/what your guilty pleasures are.

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The Contour & Highlight Dream Team

IMG_2885thisFor those of us that want to add some definition to our faces and really draw out our features, highlighting and contouring products are our best friends. I’m not one to go for the heavy make-up look (or dramatically sculpt my face like Kim K!) For this reason, I go for more subtle-toned matte bronzers to contour with and avoid highlighters that make me look like a disco ball!

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