Brighton Day One | Beach, Cocktails & OOTD

brighton day one

After working for a month (doesn’t seem like a lot for anyone who isn’t a student), and before my next job starts, I had a couple of weeks off. I thought it’d be the perfect time for a quick break. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so what better place to visit than the beach. I hadn’t been to Brighton since I was really young, so wanted to visit again to have an explore and a relax. 

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Holy Grail Hair Care

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When it comes to hair-care, the majority of people prefer not to splash the cash. There are multitudes of amazing smelling products that seemingly do the job and are faff-free. I used to be one of these people, but still noticed that my hair was really coarse and dry. In the past, I suffered a lot with damaged split ends, and used the Philip Kinglsey elasticiser to rejuvenate my locks (I am still in love with this product – if you have damaged hair definitely check it out).

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Battle of the Face Primers

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Primers were an aspect of my routine I used to be really lazy with. I don’t suffer from oily skin, but do have some dry patches, which makes some products sit badly on my skin and emphasise pores. I’m also a big fan of using cream products, which have a habit of sliding off the skin unless you use a good primer or powder. Along the way of my primer exploration journey, I tried a number of products. I thought I’d give you guys the low-down on what I discovered and if the products really worked :).

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I’ve actually had this post lurking in my drafts section for a couple of months. Every time I feel strong emotion I find myself feverishly firing out ideas as a form of catharsis. I’ve been wanting to express my views on this matter for a while now, but have been really anxious about tackling such a widespread and important issue. 

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A Little Haul

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It’s happened again.. I’ve accidentally walked to the shopping centre, items have thrown themselves into my basket and then a magnet has drawn me over to the tills. You know how it is! Just kidding ;) I thought I’d treat myself to some goodies to celebrate getting a 2:1 in my second year at uni (so happy that I spent some time jumping and dancing around my room).

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15 Things I Won’t Wear TAG


When I was tagged by Megan to do this tag, I was really excited as it seems like such a funny one to write. Some of the items I have included are almost universally despised, so I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

What I would say though, is a lot of my choices are just fashions that do not suit me personally. A small disclaimer that I think everyone should wear what makes them happy and confident, and not shy away from things other people dislike.

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Battle of the Face Brushes

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In a couple of years, I have gone from applying make-up solely with my hands, to someone who is absolutely obsessed with using tools. My main addiction is face brushes, as I love achieving the most flawless finish possible. In this post I’ll weigh up the effectiveness of each tool I have tried. 

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