My Favourite Party Lipgloss

On a night out, I enjoy wearing vibrant colours on my lips to make my look a bit more special. It is also handy to have a gloss with great staying power that you don’t need to worry about or constantly apply throughout the night.

My favourite lipgloss for this has to be Rimmel Apocalips in the colour Apocalyptic. It is a wonderful bright pink colour that would look amazing on any skintone.


I have completely fallen in love with the vibrant and highly pigmented Rimmel Apocalips Lipsticks.

The main things I admire about this lipgloss include the fact that they are extremely good value for money at only £6.49, They  also aren’t too drying on the lips but stain and will stay on for hours, even when sipping on drinks and not being careful. The heart shaped applicator is also a handy edition as it allows a lot of the product to be spread onto the lips with precision in just seconds.


There are 8 colours the Apocalips range, but so far I only have them in Apocalyptic and Celestial . All of them seem very wearable, though I would definitely only brave this colour in the evening.

Has anyone else tried any of the other colours? I am dying to purchase more!



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