Clinique Chubby Stick Review

The Clinique Chubby Sticks are a moisturising and long lasting lip colour that offer a more subtle alternative to brighter lipsticks. I would recommend these for everyday use, and have definitely got my moneys worth by wearing them nearly every day.


This gift set included mini-versions of 5 of the chubby sticks, which allows you to try out more of them without denting your bank-balance too much. It might be a nice present for Christmas, so start hinting early!


Chunky Cherry

ImageĀ Oversized Orange

ImageSuper Strawberry

ImageRicher Raisins

ImageCurvy Candy

My favourite has to be the Chunky Cherry colour, as it is very pigmented and long-lasting. The Oversized Orange and Richer Raisin colours are less pigmented, but this makes them more wearable on an every-day basis.

I would definitely recommend the Clinique Chubby Sticks, you can purchase them for around Ā£10 per unit.


8 thoughts on “Clinique Chubby Stick Review

  1. Hi hun! Thanks for following me on G+. Thought I’d come over and have a look and was drawn to this post right away. I have recently got the plushest punch chubby stick from clinique and Im just In love with it so had to see these others. The colours look lovely for a subtle look but I must say I was hoping for something more brighter! Deffo think ill have to try the others at the counter!!!

    Lovely post !!!

    Lucie xx

    1. That’s no problem! Really enjoyed looking through your blog so it’ll be fun to get updates šŸ™‚ It’s exciting that you’re starting your own youtube channel too! Will definitely keep my eyes peeled.
      Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I’m glad you enjoyed my Chubby Stick post!
      Soph xx

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