British Blogger Selection

I have just joined other British lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers in the ‘British Blogger Selection’ created by Ellie from Little Vintage Camera, whose blog you can check out here.

Every week members can write a post associated with a specific theme, which will connect bloggers together and create a nice little community. I think it looks like a lot of fun!

To join, simply e-mail your blog name and your first and last name and blog URL to Ellie at


The first blog theme is a short Q&A, to help us involved to get to know each other better!

Why do you like blogging?

I have recently joined the world of blogging following the escalation of my obsession with all things fashion and make-up. I also really enjoy writing and am currently undertaking a Literature and History course at university. I’m struggling to think of what I want to do when my studies are over, and blogging is opening up my mind to the possibility of writing for a living, which seems really cool!

How did you come up with your blog name?

My boyfriend actually came up with my blog name, which was nice of him. I had a few options but chose ‘Little Bit Soph’ because I wanted to incorporate my life and interests into my blog without committing to one specific genre. Instead, it is a little bit of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. And Soph is my name… which explains the other part haha.

Where From The UK Do You Come From?

When I’m living at home, I’m in London, my favourite place in the world. I am currently studying in Norwich, which is more peaceful and a beautiful place. (Thankfully the shopping in Norwich is still amazing).

Favourite colour?

Green is my favourite colour, I am a big fan of the shades lime and mint.

Do you like Lana Del Ray?

I haven’t really heard much of her stuff, only her mainstream hits, so am a bit undecided on the answer to this one.

Any hidden talents?

I absolutely love to sing, sadly it is more a hobby than a talent haha!

Celebrity crush?

This question was harder to answer than I expected as it’s something I haven’t considered for a while. I used to be a massive fan of Taylor Lautner. Channing Tatum is quite easy on the eye too.

Favourite blog of all time?

Sprinkle of Glitter is my all time favourite blog. Watching Louise on Youtube and reading her blog was one of the reasons why my obsession with shopping and make-up spiralled, inspiring me to write my own blog. Reading her posts about her family and baby girl are also so so so cute, as I love babies, and they always put a big smile on my face.

What Made You Want To Join #BritishBloggerSelection? 

I stumbled across the British Blogger Selection by reading a post on It looked like a really fun idea, and as I’m new to the blogging community it would be nice to meet more of you with similar interests!

Thanks for reading guys, I would love to hear from more of you taking part! Link your blogposts in the c, omments bar, or let me know if you enjoyed this!



2 thoughts on “British Blogger Selection

  1. I really like those as eye shadow bases! My sister has really oily eyelids and they’re perfect for making eyeshadow last all day! They’re definitely cheaper alternative to Mac paint pots or too faced shadow insurance or urban decay primer potion

    1. That’s a good idea, I will try and do that more often! I like that they are subtle enough to be used as a base and it is nice to use high-street alternatives for things 🙂

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