Quirky Gift Ideas

vintage-love-twitter-layouts (1)As much as I enjoy receiving presents during the festive season, Christmas is also about giving! Many of you will be tired of the same presents that you give or receive each year, hopefully some of these options will make shopping a bit more exciting. Here are a few gift ideas that are luxurious, quirky but still affordable. 


£22-24 for a watch that is stylish and completely unique is an absolute bargain. Wholesome Bling are a new company that make signature watches with hand-stitched fabric straps. They arrive in a cute little jam jar which is such nice gift packaging for Christmas time! They have all sorts of watches in their collection, with designs including leopard print and peacock feathers. To celebrate the launch of their beautiful watches 10% off can be applied at the checkout, simply enter the code: NEW10. Take a quick look at their website here.

A suitcase may seem like a very random gift idea, but it is memorable and guaranteed to be used. If you know someone who travels regularly or is constantly on the go, this smaller suitcase is easily transportable. I have absolutely fallen in love with the cute floral print and you get your money’s worth with the quality of the material.

I recieved my fairy lights as a gift and have been addicted to them ever since. I love to curl up in bed with them creating a nice atmosphere and light in the evenings and they really add something special to a room. Star fairy lights are really cute, as you can use them to look wintery or in the evenings as a night’s sky effect. These fairy lights look really rustic and lovely, and can be purchased for just over £20 here.

I love pugs so much they are so adorable and snorty! Sadly, as you all know, a dog isn’t just for Christmas. Instead of getting in trouble for raiding your local pet shelter for the cutest dogs, I have found you the cutest cushion! This Julien Macdonald cushion is only £14 and can be purchased here.

As a lover of tea, I think teapots are such a perfect and quirky festive gift! This teapot can be used practically or just left for decorative purposes as it looks so dainty and vintage.

Finally, for make-up lovers and the like, finding ways of storing and displaying make-up is always exciting. This vintage looking chest of draws is so pretty, and would be a good present for a friend in need of organising their collection.


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