Negative Perceptions of Women in 2013

This video has given me much to ponder today. It has some aspects to be celebrated, as gender equality has come a long way in the past ten years. Nevertheless, some features were highly disturbing, and highlight the fact that objectification and sexism need to be targeted at the root.
Many may argue that it is a woman’s choice if they want to flaunt their bodies and be empowered and I can agree with this to some extent. Women should not judge others for not fulfilling patriarchal ideals projected upon them by society. For example, I don’t think people would be as concerned with Miley Cyrus if she was male as no one would bat an eye-lid at a man getting naked in public. What disgusts me though, is the fact that the media have desensitized the sexualisation of women. It is completely unacceptable for advertisements and authority to devalue the deplorable nature of rape by blaming the victims for their role.

For me, the point that hit home the most in this video, was women of power being undermined and branded as hysterical and inferior. As an ambitious girl, I wound find it highly offensive if someone argued that I couldn’t do something simply because of my gender. We must all look to women who have succeeded, regardless of discrimination and inequality rooted in different industries. Margaret Chan (leader of the World Health Organisation), Kathryn Bigelow (first female to win an Oscar for ‘Best Director’ in 82 years), Michelle Bachelet (Former president of Chile and now the head of UN Women), Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Astrophysicist and first female president of the Institute of Physics), Rebecca Adlington (Has won four Olympic medals for swimming) and many more powerful women are all examples that gender discrimination is illogical and unjust. 

As another year rolls by, I can only hope that gender inequality is an issue that will be tackled head on. It is important that we fight discrimination, and hold those who have overcome their restrictions as a positive example and buffer for change.


9 thoughts on “Negative Perceptions of Women in 2013

  1. Holy moly this video got me fired up- I’m with you, the worst part is the successful women being called hysterical or attacked for their looks. When was the last time a male senator did something and people attacked his appearance? what does it have to do with anything? Thanks for sharing this video!!!

  2. I’m really glad you’ve mentioned this issue on your blog. These discussions need to happen more if there is to be any hope at all. I’ve become so pessimistic about it getting any better, because it feels like we’re always taking one step forward and two steps back.
    Anyway, I try to do my bit, usually via the book of face, and I’m really grateful that you are too 🙂

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