Top 10 Make-up Bags of 2013


As a make-up addict, I am constantly searching around for make-up bags to keep it all safe. Here are top 10 of my favourite bags of this year! Hope you enjoy.

1. This giraffe print container looks super cool and is the perfect make-up bag due to its many compartments. You wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to find any of your products, as you can easily organise them into their different sections.

2. This Dickins and Jones vanity case is so cute, I absolutely love the butterflies and fairy designs on it. It is also such a bargain, at only £14.50 and would make such a nice Christmas present!

3. For those of you that need a make-up bag for travelling, this ASOS rainbow-cloud pouch is perfect. It is compact and would carry your essential products without taking up much space, being too heavy, or causing too much hassle. 

4. This vintage chic cosmetics bag is so stylish and I am in love with the monochrome perfume design on the front of it.

5. As a history addict, I was immediately drawn to this Marie Antoinette vanity case. Grab this bag now for just £10.

6. I love the shiny patent material on this Ted Baker bag. It is a more indulgent cosmetics carrier choice but it is such good quality and definitely worth the money. 

7. Moustache designs seem to have been a big trend in the past couple of years. I’m also a fan of the shape of this bag as it can stand up on its own so there wouldn’t be a worry that products inside would get muddled or spill. 

8. The size of this make-up bag is amazing! The lipstick design is so cute and I like how it is embroidered on. 

9. This is another nifty little cosmetics case that is just under £6 and a complete bargain. Snap it up from Forever 21 here.

10. For those of you who want lots of small compartments for make-up brushes and the like, this Cath Kidston cosmetics roll would be a good choice. I love the design on this, and would use it to keep my toiletries and make-up brushes and accessories.


Finally, I’ll leave you a picture of my make-up bag. It’s actually a tablet case but works perfectly and I absolutely love the fact that it’s sparkly and shaped like a mouse. 

This case was only £3 from Primark, an absolute bargain and really does the job!


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