Top 10 Festive Jumpers



♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year ♫ so I thought I would compile a list of my favourite festive jumpers that will get you into the spirit this winter.

1. Everyone’s Christmassy favourite this year has to be this cute gingerbread jumper from Topshop. 

2. I am obsessed with animals, especially cats, and this Boohoo jumper is so charming and festive!

3. Even though Santa used to scare me as a child (scary old man coming down a chimney late at night – think about it), this jumper is too lovely to pass up.

4. Red snowflakey jumper with a cute reindeer on it, what more could you want?! Grab it from ASOS here

5. Cheaper version of the Topshop gingerbread jumper, still adorable, and it is a bit different from what everyone else is wearing. Have a quick look on New Look here.

6. PUGS. I love pugs. Did I mention I love pugs? And dogs in general but especially pugs with sparkly reindeer hats on jumpers. Click here to buy.

7. For internet addicts who like a naff pun, this jumper is perfect. I adore the little robin on it too!

8. Make sure you’re sitting down when you’re reading this, because WHOA THIS CHRISTMAS JUMPER LIGHTS UP. I know, I was blown away too. Capture everyone’s attention with this festive jumper this winter.

9. This absolutely adorable polar bear jumper is so affordable, get it for only £16 from ASDA here.

10. I’m a big fan of this jumper as I am yet to see anyone else wearing one like it! 

I hope that these jumpers have added a bit of fun to your day and you have been inspired to dress cheesyish and festive this winter 🙂


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