The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Skin Reviver Review



Those of you who have browsed through my other posts will know that I am completely obsessed with The Body Shop. Not only does it give me satisfaction to know I am using ethical products, the quality is incredible and I am yet to be disappointed with any of their products. Even though they may be a bit pricey for some, The Body Shop has had some seriously good deals on at the moment, so I could not pass up trying this Vitamin C skin reviver. 

I have been absolutely blown away by this product, and it may even be my new Body Shop favourite! It gives an amazing boost of radiance to your face, which is much needed in these colder winter months. I’ve been using this serum instead of a primer in the past month and I can safely say it works just as well. It helps your make-up to sit perfectly on your skin and prevents it from looking cakey.

I also feel that it wakes you up a bit and leaves your face feeling warm and gorgeous. The refreshing citrusy smell is another lovely edition. Although I was surprised at the small size of the bottle when this product arrived, you only need to apply a little for your skin to gain a flawless and silky smooth finish. I like the fact that the product is dispensed by a pump, as it is more hygienic that using a pot or a wand, and will prevent breakouts. 

Definitely give this product a go everyone! Check out The Body Shop website here, they are promoting an amazing 50% off offer at the moment and many of their items would make fantastic Christmas prezzies. If you want to here more of my rants about my love of The Body Shop and their ethical practice, check out my longer post here

I am thinking of doing a Body Shop giveaway when I reach 250 followers! Is it something you guys would be interested in?

Big love,





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