Statement Jewellery


Winter is the best time of the year to make a bold statement with jewellery. These pieces would look amazing over a little black dress or during the day to make your favourite cosy jumper look a bit more special. 

1. I absolutely love this River Island snake necklace. Not only is a more unusual choice, but it would also add a wonderful festive sparkle to your outfit. 

2. I adore this neutral statement necklace as it could be worn everyday without looking tacky or too over the top. The little rhinestones are also a really cute edition!

3. The colour of this Boohoo necklace is stunning. It’s green and silver iridescent shine would be sure to attract lots of attention and would look perfect over a plain black dress.

4. This subtle snakeskin necklace is so gorgeous. It would look wonderful with a plain shirt during the day that needs a bit of jazzing up.

5. For those of you that shy away from going too bold with necklaces, this cute floral one is stunning. Unlike other statement pieces, it is very light and girly and would look fabulous all year round. 

6. To create a more edgy look, this grungy black collar necklace is perfect. It still has a bit of sparkle, which prevents it from looking too harsh and is a lovely festive edition. 


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