Best High Street Satchels


The Cambridge Satchel Company launched satchels back into the public in 2008. Since then, they have become a must-have accessory that look amazing in most environments. Unfortunately, £120 for a handbag is a bit out of the everyday person’s price range. I have compiled a high street version of my favourite satchels that won’t leave as big a dent in your purse and I hope you enjoy!

1. This has to be my favourite high street satchel I have come across. I adore the pastel duck egg blue colour and scalloped edge detail. 

2. A mini satchel is perfect for carrying your everyday items, and would even look cute on a night out. I purchased this leopard print River Island satchel yesterday and I am in love with it. It is a steal at only £20. 

3. This nude satchel would look great with any outfit during the day. The three strap detail is also a lovely addition.

4. Green is my absolute favourite colour, which is one of the reasons why I think this satchel is fab. The suede-like feel of the bag makes it look sharp and smart, and would be perfect in a work environment.

5. If you are into bright colours and quirky fashion, this mini satchel would be great for livening up a plain black outfit.

6. This satchel makes such a statement, the floral design is super cute and I love the block colouring of the orange.

Finally, if you have the money or want to splurge this Christmas, check out the Cambridge Satchel Company’s gorgeous bags here.



5 thoughts on “Best High Street Satchels

  1. I bought mine from Scaramanga – they sell their seconds on Ebay and I got my lovely red satchel (you wouldn’t notice the imperfection unless you knew what you were looking for) for £40 – bargain, seeing as it has been mistaken for a Cambridge satchel before!

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