My Top 5 Bloggers of the Month


I have decided that each month I’m going to write a post about blogs I have been addicted to and deserve a mention. It would be great if you guys check out and follow the people mentioned, or if you are mentioned go and have a snoop at the other blogs on the list. It will be a nice way to connect bloggers or discover new posts that you wouldn’t normally read.

1. Joannaloves


Joannaloves is one of my staple go-to blogs. My favourite posts have to be the Outfit of the Day ones, as it gives me a new perspective on how to style clothes and Joanna looks fab in the photos. I also love the make-up reviews and tutorials, which have inspired me to try new products or different ways of applying my make-up. I love how the blog is so professional looking, the presentation is impeccable and all of the photos are such good quality.Β 

2. Evelenmargaret

ImageEvelen Margaret is one of my favourite blogs this month because of the exciting range of content. I absolutely love the post featured to the left, as it showcases Mac Divine Night products and has had me itching to try some of them. I must also say, that Evelen has provided me with great support and inspiration this month. Thank you so much for supporting my blog, and I absolutely adore yours.

3. Izzie’s Beauty Blog

ImageIzzie is one of my favourite beauty bloggers because I am drawn to all of her posts and her writing style is fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the post pictured, where Izzie discussed the total cost of all of the make-up she was wearing. It really interested me as it made me think about how much money we all spend on the beauty industry (uh-oh). We also have a lot in common, as we are both massive fans of The Body Shop and Rimmel and I love hearing her take on products that I love.

4. Potpourri Daily

day-11Potpourri is one of my absolute favourite blogs because of the diversity of the posts. I have loved the 12 Days of Potpourri Daily series recently as it has given me insight into current films, TV programs, fashion and celebrity gossip.

5. Through the Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole

UntitledI love this blog because I love hearing stories about Japan and it’s culture. It is also so fun to have a snoop through different beauty products and fashions that are available abroad. I love the lifestyle sections on food and books too! This blog is very personal, and I love how it discusses issues such as relationships.


19 thoughts on “My Top 5 Bloggers of the Month

  1. Thank you once more for your kind words.
    Congratulations to the other bloggers some of which I follow as well and know their value.
    I’m looking forward for more exciting posts !xx

  2. Reblogged this on evelenmargaret and commented:
    The brilliant ” Soph” has chosen her 5 top blogs of the month.
    It is an honour for me and my blog to amongst them .
    Congratulations to the other bloggers and many many thanks .xx

  3. It is such an honour for me to be featured here, you have no idea! Thank you so very much, Soph! I always find it hard to believe anyone reads my ramblings at all, so to be chosen in the company of four such talented bloggers really blows my mind πŸ˜€ Thank you again for making my day ! I will definitely be visiting the other blogs you recommend – I’m all smiles for the rest of the day now! Sorted πŸ™‚

    1. You’re very welcome πŸ™‚ I’m always snooping through your posts so you definitely deserved a mention! And thank you for all the support you have given my blog πŸ™‚ Lots of love!

  4. We are so happy that you like our blog, and so humbled that you put us in your top 5 bloggers of the month post. I am also equally as excited to check out all these new blogs!

    On top of everything, we just want to say that we love your blog and everything you are doing. It is always a joy to read your new posts!

    ❀ Sam and Marci (Potpourri Daily)

  5. All of these blogs are wonderful! I follow each one as well and I can say they always make me smile whenever I see any of their posts =) Great list!

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