Lush Massage Bar Review


I have absolutely fallen in love with the Lush Massage Bars.  Every girl needs to spoil themselves, and they are the perfect indulgence when you need a night of pampering to pick yourself up.

The massage bar that I have become addicted to is this little Soft Coer heart. It smells absolutely divine, just like chocolate, honey, almond and toffee. I like the shape of the product also, as the heart’s corners and edges allow you to really push the bar into your skin creating an amazing sensation. After using it I felt so relaxed and de-stressed and I have used it multiple times, it is so long-lasting and great value for money.

 I can honestly say that the massage bar made my skin so soft and smell amazing. The core of the product is filled with essential oils that are beneficial to your skin and give you a radiant glow. The only thing I would say, is that after using this product you get a bit oily and chocolatey, so it is probably best to use it in the bathroom or have a towel on standby. (Unlike me who tried using it in bed – oops!)  

I am definitely going to repurchase this product, and have been snooping around checking out other massage bar options. The ones I want to try next have to be…


This ‘Hottie’ massage bar is great for those of you who suffer tension in your body. A warming sensation occurs when you rub this into areas of stiff skin, alleviating some pressure and making you feel amazing. The warming oils comfort the skin, with ginger oil and black pepper oil stimulating blood flow. As someone who suffers from neck and back tension, I am definitely going to be purchasing this product.

ImageThe main reason I’m interested in purchasing this ‘Snow Fairy’ massage bar is because it is the ultimate girlie indulgence. First off, it’s vivid pink colour is so appealing, and contains small glitter particles that come off on your skin when the massage bar is used. I also think the fairy shape is super cute and it looks so special. For those of you who enjoy the Lush ‘Snow Fairy’ range and smell, this would be the perfect treat.

ImageFinally, I was drawn to the ‘Each Peach’ massage bar as peach has to be one of my favourite scents and flavours. I’m probably going to have to stop myself from eating it! As someone who suffers from dry skin, this product would be very beneficial as it contains avocado, mango kernal, shea and cocoa butter, which is moisturising and would help reduce dehydration of the skin.


11 thoughts on “Lush Massage Bar Review

  1. Your post is fabulous! My mouth is watering and my achy stressed muscles are craving these massage bars (you know, all those hours spent online shopping do wear a girl out, haha) . . the Hottie sounds positively divine . . .xx

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