My Favourite Winter Candles


Yankee Candles have absolutely blown up this year, and seem to be most lifestyle bloggers must-have items. In this instance, I completely agree with all the hype that they have received. Lily Flame and Yankee Candles have to be my favourite, but Yankee have better wintery scents and can really fill a room. 

1. The Salted Caramel Yankee Candle is one of my favourite scents this winter because it reminds me of snuggly nights in eating yummy chocolates. This would be perfect for those of you who like sweet scents, and caramel. Some people may think this candle is too sickly, like my Mum, so if you prefer a more subtle fragrance then this candle is probably not the best choice for you.

2. Yankee Candle in Vanilla Chai smells absolutely incredible. Spicy cinnamon, ginger and vanilla scents are perfect for the winter time as they give your room a warming feeling. This candle is also quite strong and can fill a whole room, but the scent is not very sweet, so would be suitable for most people.

3. Finally, the Apple and Pine Needle Yankee Candle delicately encapsulates the smell of Christmas. It smells like sweet pine needles but is very subtle. I find this fragrance really relaxing during the Winter, and it can really add some extra festive vivacity to a room.

If, like me, you are addicted to Yankee Candles and want to check out their website, click here.


16 thoughts on “My Favourite Winter Candles

  1. Have to say I am intrigued (& it sounds like I would love the Vanilla Chai candle mentioned above). Unfortunately we do not really get Yankee Candles in Greece and £36.00 is a tad too much for delivery 😦

      1. They are a great investment and I find that they do actually scent my house very well, unlike some cheap candles. The jelly belly ones are quite good too, you can usually find them in Tesco for about six quid for two and they last for ages

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