Top 10 iPhone Cases of 2013


It is important to have a phone case for safety reasons – I learnt this the hard way. To cover up the massive spider-like crack sprawled across the back of my phone, I decided to invest in a phone case. Along the way I saw so many cute cases and thought I would share them with you. It is a really simple way of jazzing up your phone without causing any permanent damage to it.

1. This vintage phone case is my absolute favourite, it looks like an old retro phone and can be purchased here.

2. This case is so vibrant and I am in love with the ombre effect and sprial pattern.

3. Another simple and stylish vintage must-have phone case here.

4. All things Cath Kidston are kitschy and adorable. This bird covered iPhone case is no exception.

5. Peacock patterns are one of my favourite designs and this case makes a bold statement.

6. Although I’m not usually a fan of slogans, this pun is too cheesy and cute to pass up. I moustache you to check it out here.

7. Ted Baker strikes again with their iconic bow design on this case.

8. Many of you will know about my obsession with pugs, so when I saw this phone case I completely fell in love with it.

9. Some may see this phone case as a bit tacky, but I think it is so charming and I adore the classic sparkly pearls and bow.

10. This is the current design I have on my iPhone, galaxy print is so on trend. It stands out and is different from other cases I have seen.


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