Thursday Thoughts | Self-Esteem

As someone that blogs about beauty and products, I feel that it is my duty to stress that it is important to love yourself and not to get drawn in to the unrealistic body image projected by adverts and beauty companies. Today, I stumbled across this video directed by Tim Piper, I thought the message represented was powerful and one to be shared.

For me, make-up is a way of enhancing my natural beauty and feeling better about who I am. It is also something that I really enjoy doing as it can be a form of expression and individuality. 

Despite this, for a very long time I was unhappy with my appearance and have only really began to accept myself in the past few years. In my early teens I suffered with an eating disorder and constantly wished that I looked different. A doctors appointment and help from my mother made me realise that what I was doing wasn’t healthy, and examples of other girls who had spiralled out of control encouraged me to get better. It is important to focus on what you do have – whether that be an amazing personality, a great smile and sense of humour or a wonderful circle of friends and family.

With the beauty industry it seems like a vicious cycle, as companies are reliant on consumer’s insecurities in order to sell their products. Personally, I think they should be doing more to advertise realistic body images and to promote natural beauty. At the end of the day, it is what is inside a person that counts, and no amount of dieting and make-up slapped onto your face will be enough to change you or conceal deep insecurities. It is all a matter of accepting yourself for who you are.

True beauty comes from confidence, vitality and inner well-being (The Body Shop)

Instead of longing to be like one of the goddess-like models sprawled across countless pages, remember that they are unattainable and idealistic ideals. This brilliant 37 second clip encapsulates the truth behind the models captured in glossy ads. 

Want to do something about this issue? Why not take a minute to sign this petition which aims to ensure advertises clearly state when a model’s body image has been drastically airbrushed or altered. Maybe even simply taking time out every week to tell someone how good they look will help to subdue belief that people aren’t good enough as they are.


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