How To Get Long and Healthy Hair


 It has taken me many years to grow my hair to the length it is now. I damaged it so much with heat and bad habits as a young teenager and had to get it all chopped and change the way I handled it if I wanted to achieve long hair. I thought I would share some advice to any of you wanting to have longer or healthier hair.  


My hair now!

Over-brushing your hair, or forcing a brush through it when wet is one of the main causes of hair breaking. As I have unruly curls, I only ever use a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb when taming my hair. My thick hair also means I don’t back-comb it for extra volume. If you need to back-comb it for a bit of volume be really careful, try not to brush too far down the hair-follicle and don’t do it regularly.

Every couple of weeks I also look at the ends of my hair and cut off my split ends, once hair is split, it can’t be fixed, so getting rid of them is the best option if you’re trying to grow your hair. I should really get my hair cut more often, but I absolutely detest going to the salon as I’m terrified of all the awkward small talk and they always cut my hair way shorter than I want it. In the summer, I got three inches off and it was really beneficial as my hair was so healthy and grew back really quickly. 

Don’t use too much heat on your hair. Before I embraced my naturally curly hair, I used to straighten my hair multiple times a week. This left my hair so damaged, and I ended up having to get most of it chopped off! If you have severely damaged hair it is important to get it cut off before attempting to grow you hair longer. It is also important not to regularly use heat on your hair, and always remember to use a heat protection spray.

I have never dyed my hair, even though the thought of ombre really appeals to me. You have to be careful using chemicals on your hair, and use specialist colouring shampoos to alleviate any damage caused. If your hair type is less dry than mine, you can probably get away with having healthy dyed hair as long as you are willing to take the time to care for it.

As someone with dry curly hair, it is important to keep my hair nourished to discourage split ends and prevent it from breaking off. I use a hair mask once a week in the bath, and lots of deep conditioning products. I used to wash my hair every other day and more regularly before realising I was drying it out and causing more damage. It is detrimental to wash your hair every day as it strips away its natural oils. After washing my hair I put some Moroccan oil through the ends of my hair to prevent this dryness. 


The Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends collection is my favourite regular products to use on my hair. The hair mask is so nourishing and makes my hair feel so healthy and smooth. 


Moroccan Oil is so beneficial to my hair and I highly recommend it! It is so quick and easy to run a few drops of this oil through the ends of your hair after washing it. This is something I do every time I wash my hair and it really helps to prevent the ends of my hair from drying out. Don’t put this product all over your hair as it may make it feel a bit heavy and greasy.

Finally, living a healthy life will benefit your hair. Drink plenty of water and make sure you eat lots of vitamins and proteins. 


13 thoughts on “How To Get Long and Healthy Hair

  1. Love this post, some really great advice. You should also check out Lush’s haircare as I know they try and get the hair in awesome condition without the use of silicones. I’m yet to try a few of the raved about hair care products so they’re on my to try lists!

      1. My favourite conditioner for dry hair is called Retread, makes my hair soooo soft! Just ask for some help with the haircare as you’ve never seen it. They’ll help you out and direct you to the right products for you x

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 and yeah you should try it, it’s really good, it actually helps hair grow faster, helps rejuvinate broken and damaged hair and is also antibacterial 🙂

      1. It’s better to keep it as long as possible! For example, I put it on my whole hair before bedtime, and sleep on a towel so my pillow doesn’t get greasy, and in the morning I wash my hair as usual. You’ll see the positive effect right away 🙂

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