Little Jewellery Haul


As many of you know, I’m obsessed with statement jewellery as it really brings an outfit to life. In the spring, it is more difficult to pull off big chunky necklaces unless it’s the evening, so I decided to buy a few more in the sales that will liven up some of my outfits this spring.



My mum bought me this necklace a couple of years a go and I’m absolutely in love with it. Even though I didn’t haul this item, I thought I’d show you guys my favourite necklace




I really like the mixed metals on this necklace. It is detailed but not too chunky so is subtle enough to carry off on a day to day basis. This item was an absolute steal and can be purchased for £2 from Primark!




KINDLE_CAMERA_1389046556000The delicacy and girlieness of this necklace convinced me to buy it as it will look super cute during the spring and summer. I absolutely love the pale pink flowers and sparkly petals detail. It cost just £4 from Primark too!



I bought this New Look statement necklace in the sales so it was only £3. I can see that this is a bit of a love-hate item, but I thought it was a bargain and would look amazing with a plain black t-shirt or dress.


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