Mad About Macaroons


Macaroons are a treat I’ve always drooled over, even though I have only got round to trying them recently! As they are quite pricey treats, I have been reluctant to purchase any in case my addiction to them spirals (oops!) I was absolutely blown away by how amazing they are, if you are a big fan of meringue and have a sweet tooth you will be in complete heaven. 

These macaroons are made by Didier’s Patisserie for Waitrose and I purchased them in the reduced section for £4.99 – I think they’re usually £6.50. The selection of flavours is amazing, the pack includes: Pistachio, Raspberry, Earl Grey, Dark Chocolate & Orange, Chocolate & Cardamon, Milk Chocolate & Coconut Macaroon, Coffee Macaroon. My personal favourite is the Earl Grey flavour as I am obsessed with tea, and it tastes so comforting. 

ImageI am very aware that there is the cutest macaroon boutique in Norwich that I have walked past a few times and refrained from going in. It is called Macarons & More and has the most gorgeous macaroon towers in the windows – like this incredible white macaroon tower.

I am tempted to give baking macaroons a go, as I love to cook and would like to do more foody posts on my blog! If you’re interested in seeing some recipe posts then let me know 🙂


13 thoughts on “Mad About Macaroons

  1. The first time I had any were after making some. I didn’t think I’d love them. I was so wrong! I told myself I would make them more and a variety. Of course I haven’t:) I’d love to see yours if you go for it.

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