Lush Rose Jam Bubble Bar Review


Lush have a huge cult following from the beauty blogging and community, and for a good reason! Their products are of amazing quality and are cruelty free.

I love the Lush bubble bars because they are great for a good pamper, they leave your skin feeling super moisturised and smell incredible. I also like that they are not single use. To achieve this wonderfully bubbly pink bath I only used half of the product, and it would have worked just as well with a bit less.Β 


Out of all of the bubble bars I have tried so far, I have loved this Rose Jam Bubbleroon. It is so cute that it looks like a mini macaroon (I’m a bit obsessed, read my post here). The ingredients of lemon, rose, shea and coconut oil and geranium make the product smell delicious. Β The shea and coconut oils provide lots of skin benefits and rose is used by aromatherapists for mood boosting.

Time and time again I am drawn into Lush products, I have loved everything I have tried and would really recommend them! Have you guys tried any of their products? It would be great to try more of them πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “Lush Rose Jam Bubble Bar Review

  1. I have to try this one πŸ˜€ I prefer the bubble bars over the bath bombs so far and the Comforter Bubble bar is awesome if you like sweet scents and you can easily get 5 uses out of it. Xoxo Anne

  2. I’m a member of that love addicted group of Lush followers. I’m not a rose scent fan however I do love the bubble bars. Nothing like a little pampering in the winter months. πŸ™‚

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