MAC Lipstick Giveaway & 500 Followers!


I didn’t start my blog until late October, and quite frankly never believed that anyone would even read it! I am overwhelmed and excited to have reached 500 followers and 5,000 views so I thought it’d be nice to host a giveaway to thank you all for your support.

MAC Lipsticks are holy grail in the blogging world and I didn’t want to just choose one I like for the winner, so I am giving the winner their pick of the bunch.Β 

Unfortunately this competition is UK only, excluding the Channel Islands, as MAC online only delivers here. I know I could ship stuff myself, but it’s pricey and hard to guarantee that things would actually arrive. If I ever host another giveaway I will make it international, but as this is my first one I don’t want to risk it.

Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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53 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Giveaway & 500 Followers!

    1. Next time I’m definitely gonna make it an international one, so keep your eyes peeled! Also thanks so much for following me, I have checked out your blog and really like it πŸ™‚ xx

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