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I stumbled across this tag and thought it would be a really fun post to do! I’m looking forward to hearing you guys thoughts on the questions too 🙂




Blush or Bronzer – Without a doubt I prefer bronzer as it is so versatile and I love going for the sunkissed look. I like to use matte bronze shades for my contour, or my Bourjois bronzing primer under my foundation to give a really healthy but natural glow as well as dimension to my face.


Lip gloss or Lipstick- I tend to be in love with hybrid lip products, so I’m probably going to cheat on this question! I love the Rimmel Apocolips lip lacquers, as many of you will know. I have also recently fallen in love with the Revlon Lip Butters which to me are like the birth child of a lip balm and a lipstick and they are so wearable. 

Eye liner or Mascara- I couldn’t give up mascara in a million years, even though it makes me rub my eyes/makes my eyelashes fall out. I do love a winged liner look too, but I’d just feel naked without mascara on. Read my review of my favourite mascara here.

10094595 (1)

Foundation or Concealer- I am trying to give up wearing foundation every day little by little, and I do really need concealer under my eyes! I’m gonna be really brave and say concealer. You could go for a natural look and concentrate the concealer in areas that really need the coverage. My total favourite concealer is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer.

Neutral or Colour eye shadow- I’m not brave enough to go for brightly coloured eyeshadows just yet, even though I will occasionally venture into bolder purple and green make-up looks. Neutral eye colours would have to be my saviour. 

Pressed or Loose eye shadows- Pressed shadows definitely, they are much easier to work with and don’t make a mess! I do like the pigmentation in loose shadows though.

Brushes or Sponges- Brushes without a doubt, I could not live without my collection of Real Techniques brushes! My favourites have to be the Expert Face Brush and the large powder brush.



OPI or China Glaze – I’ve never tried China Glaze products, I tend to go for lower end nail varnishes. I love OPI though, they last forever and have lovely shades.

Long or Short – My nails grow really quick and are naturally quite long, so I’d have to say long nails.

Acrylic or Natural – Natural, but I think acrylic nails look good on other people.


Brights or Darks – I’ll always choose a bright colour as they make me feel happy! In the winter months, a red still looks fab. I am really loving pale and pastel nails this spring too, so anything but dark really. Body:

Perfume or Body splash – What even is this body splash business? I love perfume though, especially all of the Benefit ones.

Picture 9906

Lotion or Body butter – This question will be a no-brainer for fellow Body Shop obsessors, body butter every time. I love the satsuma collection.



Body wash or Soap – Body wash, I love all of the Soap and Glory ones I have tried. They smell amazing, are really good value and last forever.

Lush or Other bath company – The Lush and The Body Shop are my favourite bath cosmetics companies, they are both against Animal Testing and have ethical standpoints.


Jeans or Sweat pants – I don’t like either.

Long sleeve or Short – I like short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, they are definitely more flattering for my shape.

Dresses or Skirts – I probably wear them both equally. I prefer dresses though because they are less effort and you don’t have to worry about matching them up with anything else.

Stripes or Plaid – I don’t find stripes particularly flattering, so I’d have to go with plaid.


Flip flops or Sandals – Flip flops, you can never be in a bad mood when you’re flopping along. Don’t judge me for obsessing over these Crocs flip flops, they are the comfiest things ever and it’s like giving your feet a big hug.

Scarves or Hats – I hate scarves and hats on boys so much and used to never wear them. Now I’ve got over my ridiculous and irrational hatred I have grown to quite like scarves. Urban Knit are quite cool, check them out here.

Studs or Dangly earrings – Studs as I’m scared of my earrings getting caught on things.

Necklaces or Bracelets – I have a couple of bracelets I’m attached to, but I definitely wear necklaces more.



Heels or Flats – Couldn’t walk in heels to save my life, so I tend to stick to flats or chunky boots/smaller heels. I urge you guys to check out Emmy Twenty, the comfiest REAL leather shoes that last forever and are really affordable.


Cowboy boots or Riding boots – Is this even a thing? Riding boots maybe? I dunno.

Jacket or Hoodie – A jacket every time, my look is quite messy, so if I wore hoodies on top of that I would look like a tramp.

Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe – Forever 21.

Abercombie or Hollister – Neither, don’t like what either of the companies stand for.

Saks 5th or Nordstrom – Don’t get this question, as I’m from The UK.


Curly or Straight – I have naturally curly hair, and straightening it too much kills it and then I can’t have it long which makes me cry. So curly.

Bun or Ponytail – My hair in a pony tail is laughable, as it looks like a bush on my head. So definitely a bun.

Bobby pins or Butterfly clips – bobby pins, even though I get through them like nobodies business.

Hair spray or Gel – Can dry shampoo be my answer? 

Long or Short – Everyone knows I love having long hair, I don’t need to elaborate as I have bored you all with that fact for long enough.

Light or Dark – Dark hair so I can pretend to be alluring and mysterious (LOL).

Side sweep bangs or Full bangs – Both make me look funny.

Up or Down – It gets in my way too much down all the time, so I tend to lump it all on top of my hair like a troll.


Rain or Shine – Shine, I love the sun.


Summer or Winter – See the above answer.

Fall or Spring – Fall because that means it’s nearly CHRISTMAS.

Chocolate or Vanilla – Chocolate. 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you liked my post! The people I’m tagging to do this post are:

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