March Favourites


Oh how March has flown by (and oh what a clichéd start to my monthly favourites. Anyway, it’s that time where I create my list of what I’ve been loving in the past month, and I’m sure they’ll be predictable choices as I tend to babble about the same old things all the time. Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Some of you guys might have read my glowing review of Charles Worthington’s amazing hair masque in my post here. In short, this hair treatment is insanely amazing and made my hair feel like it’d never touched any damaging heat products at any point in its life. Would definitely recommend!

2. My long-term love affair with The Body Shop continues. They seem to feature in every single one of my monthly favourites (and also in my first ever post, remember that?). 

3. You guys will soon be hearing a lot more about this new palette which I have been loving – I have two posts coming on it and I am so excited. Take a quick peek at Sleek’s Garden of Eden palette, the colours are amazing and the quality is incredible for the price. 

4. The L’Oreal Micellar Water seems to be quite a love hate product in the beauty blogging world. It has really made an impact on my skin and it gently removes all of my make-up in no time. I’d this recommend as a great highstreet option!

5. Revlon are the Kings of lip products and are slowly surpassing Maybelline and Rimmel in my affections. The Revlon Lip Butters are my most worn product this Spring as they are so girlie and sheer enough to be worn on a day to day basis. I  am obsessed with the nudey pink colour Strawberry Shortcake.

6. T-Bar shoes are so cute and I am trying to convince myself not to buy more because I am absolutely skint. I have these ones from Topshop that I have been wearing all the time.

7. Pastels are a Spring must have. The Barry M Silk Nail Effects are my pastel nail polishes of choice, especially in the minty green colour Meadow, which you can see me wearing in my OOTD here.


13 thoughts on “March Favourites

  1. The Body Shop carries so many of my most-loved products—the Tea Tree Oil line, especially. (Not that my first posts will tell you that, oops.) Been thinking of getting the tea tree wipes as well, if only because I’m set to travel and will most likely be lazy!

    And I just got [it was thrown in as a freebie] my first Revlon Lip Butter yesterday, in Creme Brulee. It’s a tricky nude to pull off—all that glitter!—but I like the texture, so I might just check out more.

    1. Definitely grab the tea tree wipes, they are amazing! They feel exfoilating as well as cleansing.
      Ahhh the revlon lip butters texture is amazing, the creme brulee one does seem like on of the more difficult ones to pull off though, I know exactly what you mean xx

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