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Last month, Sleek released a new eyeshadow palette which was simply too amazing to resist. The palette is an absolute bargain as you get 12 pigmented and super blendable eyeshadows for only £7.99. I also love how the palette comes with a huge mirror and a brush, which means you don’t have to worry about carrying any extras when travelling.


1. Flora is one of my favourite shades in the whole palette. It is a warm-toned matte brown colour and is perfect to smoke out eyeshadow or be placed in the crease of your eye/eyeline for more definition. The texture of this shadow is so creamy and blends like a dream – I was so impressed for the price as you couldn’t tell it from a more high end option.

2. Forbidden is a very subtle taupe/brown colour that could be used on a daily basis. It is very understated, but still looks pretty and a bit shimmery and could really add some flair to your everyday routine.

3. Isn’t Python just the best name for an eyeshadow ever? Its fierce name represents this chestnut brown colour with purple undertones. It looks fab across the whole lid as well as the outer corners and has soon become a staple in my collection. The more this eyeshadow is built up, the more of the purple you can see in this shade.

4. Paradise on Earth looks very purple and shimmery in the pan, but once swatched is more of a mauvey brown colour with a bit of shimmer in. I actually really like this, it’s a good transition colour and would go with a lot of my other eyeshadows. Also, it is really buildable and comes out far more purple when layered.

5. Eve’s Kiss is  the perfect pinky purple colour and I have nothing else like this in my collection. I wore it the other day on the centre of my lid smoked with a matte brown colour for a really neutral look.

6. Gates of Eden – I absolutely love this colour as it’s a gorgeous gold shimmery colour which would look amazing in the inner corner of the eye, brushed all along the lid or packed onto the centre for a vibrant effect.


1. Tree of Life is a matte green colour. It is one of the most wearable shades in the palette as it contains no shimmer and would look great as a grease colour or in the outer corner. I had reservations about bringing more colour into my makeup look, but this earthy matte shade has been an easy way to subtly incorporate a new style.

2. I know I can’t stop gushing about these colours, but Fauna is another shade I adore. It is perfect for the outer corner of the eye to create a dramatic smokey look. 

3. Evergreen is a deeper colour version of Fig, and is the best eyeshadow in the entire palette. Green is my favourite colour and I feel like this shade really makes my eyes pop. The formula and shimmer is just perfection and I am totally blown away by the price. I would probably spend £7.99 on this eyeshadow alone.

4. Fig is up there with my favourite eyeshadows of all time. The shimmer in this shadow is beautiful and it literally takes one swipe of it to be opaque. I am so impressed with it, and have been loving using it for a mossy green eyeshadow look.

5. Adam’s Apple is my least favourite shade in the palette. At first I didn’t even find it wearable as it looks like a neon green in the pan. Despite this, unlike the other shadows this one lacks as much pigmentation so comes out as a faint lime green colour. The bonus of this is that it looks decent in the inner corner of the eye or swept over the lid, and I’m sure I’ll be able to make use of it.

6. Entwined is a goldy brown matte colour. Although there is shimmer in the picture, I think this has moved from some of the other shadows or fallen off of my swatching finger! This colour looks amazing in the crease, and like Flora the texture is creamy and super easy to blend.

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope you found this review useful and convinced you to run out and buy the palette! Stay tuned tomorrow as I have created 3 different looks using these shades alone and I am really pleased with the results 🙂 


8 thoughts on “Sleek Garden Of Eden Palette Review | LittleBitSoph

    1. Some of them are quite difficult to wear, especially the light bright green colour! I can only really pull it off when I’m feeling daring. I love the formula of Sleek shadows too though 🙂 xx

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