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Some of you guys may have seen yesterday’s post on Sleek’s iDivine Garden of Eden Palette, which I am absolutely obsessed with this Spring. If not you can check it out here. I was aware that people might be put off by this palette as you have to move out of your neutrals zone to rock these looks. For this reason, I’ve compiled three different looks using only these eyeshadows, and I really hope to inspire you guys to have a go too!

Before I applied all of my eyeshadows, I prepped my eyes by evening out the lid with some Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium and then coloured them in with a Seventeen eyeliner pencil in nude so that the colours would really pop. I’m not a huge fan of primers, and they tend to be quite pricey, so this is a great cheap alternative for creating crisp eyeshadow that stays on all day.


Look 1: Earthy Green Smokey Eye

I absolutely love this look and it turned out way more wearable than I expected. I was worried that the green colour would clash with my eyes and look really strange, but I really like it. I hope to wear it on a Spring day out some day soon when I’m feeling brave. What do you guys think?

I started off by patting the second lightest green colour, ‘Fig’, all over the lid, which is number 9 in the picture above. I then wanted to highlight my inner corner with a pop of light colour, so I used the lightest lime green colour, ‘Adam’s Apple’. To emphasise the crease and really smoke out the look I decided to go with a matte green shade. This made the look far more wearable and subtle, helping to counteract all of the shimmer going on. I swept the 12th eyeshadow ‘Tree Of Life’ into the crease and outer corner of my eye and blended with my holy grail blending brush (bet you guys are going to think its the MAC 217, but drumroll please…) the MUA one which is £1.50 does the job far better in my opinion!

Once everything was nicely blended I put the finishing touches to my eyes, running a Seventeen nude eyeliner on my waterline to really brighten them and make me look more awake. Next, I finely lined my eyelid with an amazing liquid liner from GOSH in the shade green. I am so impressed with GOSH liners, they really make me happy. My eyeliner looks a bit uneven, but lets get real here, no one gets it perfect apart from magicians and witches. Finally, no look is complete without mascara, so I coated my lashes in Benefit’s They’re Real for length and Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara for volume and darkness. You could add lashes to round off the look, but I thought it might look a bit costumey with the bold colours.


Look 2: Earthy Neutrals Smokey Eye

As someone who is a bit pants at applying eyeshadows, I was really happy with how this look turned out! I love the subtle gold and purple tones and I was super impressed with how soft and blendable the shadows were.

I packed the 2nd eyeshadow in the palette, ‘Eve’s Kiss’, all over my lid but concentrated the majority of the product on the centre third. Any flat eye brush is perfect for pushing the shadow onto the eye with, which will prevent any fall out. Next, I wanted to jazz up the conventional neutral look with a brightening shimmery gold eyeshadow as the inner corner highlight colour. I usually tend to stick with whites, nudes and silves for highlight, but the gold looked so warming and I will definitely try it again. I used the first colour in the palette, which is called ‘Gates of Eden’. Next, I used exactly the same technique in the first eye look to smoke out my shadow in the second look. The only different was that I used a brown colour with purple undertones, the sixth colour in the palette, ‘Flora’. 

I managed to get a more even cat eye flick on this look (yay me) by using another GOSH eyeliner in the colour brown. It is the perfect dark warm chocolatey colour which finishes the look off perfectly. I was also up to my old tricks again, using the same mascara combo as I did in Look 1.


Look 3: Bold Purple and Green Cat Eye

As I keep babbling about how I am forever clinging to my neutral eyeshadows, I thought I would go a bit crazy and bold with my third eye look. It is the least wearable of the three, but I really think you could pull this one off at a festival, rave or crazy party. I really like how the purple liner looks with my eyes too! I am aware that the eyes look a bit different in the photo, but I think this is because it was the last look I did in the day and the lighting in my room had gone a bit off. My right eye was in the shadow so the colours look less vibrant and I hope you guys still enjoy my concept despite the poor picture quality.

I began my eye look by placing the ninth colour in the palette, ‘Fig’ all over the lid and blending it until it was a bit more toned down and shimmery. I wanted a really precise and bold crease for this dramatic look, so I took the darkest green colour, ‘Tree of Life’ and mixed it with the darkest green shimmer, ‘Fauna’ and pushed it onto the skin until I was happy with the colour pigmentation. I lightly blended this to remove the harsh line. Next I went a bit mental with Sleek’s Eau La La Liner in Venom, roughly sketching out a cat eye and then blending it with my MUA blending brush for a more edgy and vibrant look. 

As you guys can probably guess, I did the same trick with my eyelashes, using the two mascaras (they began to get clumpy by the third makeup look, even though I was trying to remove it between looks!).

I really hope you all enjoyed this post, it is my FIRST ever makeup tutorial that I have done in detail with high quality pictures. If you want to see more of this kind of thing, be sure to like this post or leave me a comment letting me know! If any of you recreate this look, be sure to leave me your links, because I’d love to see them.

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