How to Pamper Yourself on Revision Days


It is that dreaded time of the year again when exam season is upon us, and it can feel really stressful and depressing. For me, it is my 5th year in a row that I’ve had important exams, and to get myself through it is important to look forward to little things and have some time off.  I really hope that some of my suggestions inspire you guys, and give you a more positive attitude in these coming months. 

Trying to revise every hour of the day is just not a productive way of taking in lots of information. It is imperative to get plenty of sleep and work in short bursts so you don’t end up burning yourself out. You need to tell yourself that if you work that extra hour more, you will be rewarded with a treat. This may be chatting with one of your friends, having a long relaxing bath or watching your favourite TV program. Remember to not punish yourself too much, get up early and do a few hours work, then don’t feel guilty about going on that long shopping trip or crazy night out. Being social and putting yourself in a good mood is going to do wonders for your confidence and positive attitude when revising.

My ideal way of relieving stress would be to have a hot bath, with a bath bomb or some essential oils. Either that or I would spend ages washing and pampering my skin and hair, so you end up feeling spoilt and gorgeous even on dreary revision days. Here are a few products I love to use to keep my spirits high during revision.



 Spritzing yourself with your favourite perfume can be the ultimate pick me up. Fragrances can give you confidence or make you feel comforted. Burberry’s weekend perfume is one of my re-discovered favourites. It smells so fresh and really gets me in a positive frame of mind. 




Lush is a cult favourite for bath bombs, but I also really love Bomb Cosmetics. Just look how cute this whoopie blaster is! It makes me feel happy just looking at it. This bath bomb is also scented with mandarin, so smells very fresh and energising. It would be the perfect indulgence on days that you’ve been slaving away doing revision.


Who doesn’t love a face mask? Especially ones costing 99p! Yes you did read that correctly. They are usually on 3 for 2 at Superdrug which makes them crazy good value. A lot of you will wonder why I am obsessed with this face mask. It feels so indulgent because it smells like chocolate orange (try your best not to eat it). As well as this, the formula gently warms your face up, leaving it feeling dewy and glowy. 



Relieving tension has never felt easier when you have a Lush massage bar to hand. You’re all probably getting tired of my incessant waffling on this subject, but if you haven’t tried them yet then you are crazy! I’d choose the ‘Therapy’ bar during revision season as it contains lavender, which is really calming and Neroli oil, which as been proven to increase serotonin levels in the brain.


The granny in me loves to light candles, especially Yankee ones, as they fill the entire room with delicious smells. When revising I would definitely like to transport myself to a more relaxed environment. The scent Bahamas Breeze does just that, you can image that you’re reclined back on a sunbed with a pina-colada in hand.


download (1)

I don’t know if it’s just me that does this, but before an exam or assignment where I know I’m going to be writing loads, I feel that painting my finger nails is an essential. Not only will it provide a bit of relaxation and pampering before the dreaded revision/exam, but during your hard graft you’ll be able to look down at your beautiful hands and smile! I’d recommend optimistic bright colours, like this gorgeous hot pink from Sinful colors, called ‘Daredevil’. 


There you go guys, I really hope that you’ve found some new ways of cheering yourself up on gloomy days that your’e forced to study! Comment below if you’ve got any other ideas, because I’d love to hear new ways of chilling out during this stressful time 🙂


13 thoughts on “How to Pamper Yourself on Revision Days

  1. Going back to my engineering days .. We had cups and cups of tea during exam days .. And nice middle of the night cold shower during summers to keep you awake and no late night warm showers in winter 🙂 group studies and looking like dead zombies during our exams .. (I know zombie are already dead .. We looked like dead – dead zombies .. That horrible ).. And once the exams were over dropping dead on our beads to catch up on our sleep ! And yes kicking our own butts for not studying throughout the year :))

  2. What a fab idea for a post!! Definitely helpful at this time of year, I’ll be trying a few of these tips out today thank you!:)

  3. Revising here too! I love these tips, I always have to put on makeup even when I’m revising at home. Not sure why, but it makes me feel more awake and it’s a fun start to the morning. Also do you have any breakout busting tips, I tend to get more when I’m revising. I think it’s the stress and I lean my face on my hands when I’m working! Xx

    1. I’m the same, it’s like a mask of confidence haha! When I have breakouts, I always slather tea tree oil on my blemishes and try my absolute best not to clog my pores up by covering the spots with make-up unless I’m going out somewhere. I’m a face hand leaner too, so it was funny finding out that other people work the same haha. I just make sure to scrub my face well all the way to the hairline on the sides to try and get rid of any dirt. Popping a face mask on while your working might be a nice treat too 🙂 hope that these tips will help, I’m thinking of doing a skincare routine post sometime soon xx

      1. It just makes me feel ready for the day! I thought I would pick up some tea tree oil, you can get one in the body shop, is that the one you use? I do t know why I do it, but it is just a habit. I always finish revising and find a large red mark on my right cheek wear I’ve been leaning – not a good look! That sounds interesting, I think I’ll have to have a nice long bath in the next few days, instead of the normal hop-in hop-out shower! I’d love to see a skin care post 🙂

  4. Good luck with your exams. I always found revising in the garden if the weather was nice was helpful in breaking the monotony. Also making it more fun by using different coloured pens, or finding different ways to remember stuff. I recreated the second world war with Fuzzy Felt characters when I was doing my history GCSE as it’s the only way I could get it to stick in my head and it was much more interesting than just sitting there re-reading my notes. Also writing things on A3 pieces of paper and sticking them on the wall, so you can glance at them whilst you’re doing day-to-day things like drying your hair. It’s amazing how much you absorb without really realising it.

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