Drugstore Haul: Seventeen

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Everyone loves a bargain, me being no exception. For this reason, I have been itching to try Seventeen products for the longest time! I have heard nothing but good things about the Instant Glow powder, so was definitely interested in giving that one a go.

Seventeen Smooth Slick Lipstick £4.99

Some of you may know about my absolute obsession with lipstick. Spending money on high-end products does too much to dent my bank balance, especially as I’m pinched living on a student budget. I have been lusting over MAC’s Rebel lipstick for the longest time. In fact I just gave it away in a giveaway to one of my favourite bloggers Asha, you can check out her post here. Unfortunately, I can’t justify going to buy a lipstick for £15 right now, so when I saw this gorgeous similar colour by Seventeen, I just couldn’t say no!

Firstlysecuredownload (9), just look how cute the packaging is! Next, at how gorgeous the colour is. It is a deep reddish berry colour which is perfect for bold lip lovers who want to make a statement. The formulation of the product is really creamy and easy to apply.


What I would say though, is that the lipstick is highly highly pigmented. I would advise patting one layer into your lips as a base and then layering a second on top. I would also advise the use of a good lip liner beforehand, because after a while the colour did bleed out and I looked like I’d been at the raspberry jam! All in all though, I was super impressed with the lipstick, and am definitely looking into purchasing more of them.

Seventeen Tattoo Me Semi-Permanent Liquid Liner £4.99

10160301 (1)Next I’m moving onto a product which I was less enamoured with. There is no denying that the liner applied opaquely and was jet black. It also had good staying power, as when I tried to correct mistakes it just would not budge. My issue with this eyeliner is how difficult it is to apply! I have mastered liquid and felt-tip type liners, but found this one absolutely impossible to use. The line was blotchy and I could not get it straight for the life of me. I think the applicator needs to be thinner and easier to control.


Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick £4.99.


It’s that time of the year where I am trying to subtly build up my tan again. Going for a darker Summer bronzer would make my pale face seem a bit plastic and muddy, so I thought I’d give this softer one a go. This shimmer brick has been compared to the Bobbi Brown version, but I really think the Seventeen one holds less pigmentation and can’t really be pulled off for eyeshadows. Swirling my powder brush around in all the colours and applying to my cheeks however, gives an absolutely gorgeous finish.

Seventeen Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter £5.99


I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this product. My first issue with it is the packaging. I have no issue with packaging not being beautiful if I’m not paying a lot of money for it. However, I do expect it to be functional! The pump on the product broke immediately which means I inconveniently have to scoop product out. The second aspect I take issue with is the intensity of the product, it looks absolutely ridiculous over foundation even when blended out. The redeeming qualities of this product are the cost and the fact it does give your skin a healthy glow when applied sparingly under foundation. 

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Seventeen BB Magic Blemish Balm £6.99


I have saved the favourite of my discoveries until last! I was blown away by the cost and effectiveness of this product. The BB cream feels really light on the skin but surprisingly gives a good coverage too. In the Spring/Summer I don’t enjoy wearing thick foundations, so I am really glad I’ve found this more natural alternative. As for the blemish-clearing qualities, I am yet to see any results. It hasn’t broken me out so I’m not complaining!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this haul and learnt more about some of Seventeen’s products. If you want to see more posts like this, be sure to let me know in the comments 🙂






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