Best of Benefit: Top 5


Benefit make-up was one of the first brands I ever bought from back when I began to wear make-up in my early teens. The obsession began one day I was shopping in Oxford Street with my best friend, when I was aged around 15. I was pulled over by an enthusiastic shop assistant who offered me a free makeover as Benefit were promoting some new products. I remember actually feeling pretty after my look was done, which was very rare as I spent the majority of my teenage years worrying about how bad I looked (I didn’t even).

When the look was done I was completely drawn to my complexion, which was glowing, and couldn’t resist buying one of the blushers. I remember being absolutely staggered by the steep price of £24, which as a 15 year old is an extortionate amount of money. Nevertheless, I borrowed some money off of my friend, and skipped out of the shop in glee. The ‘Dandelion’ Benefit blush lasted me over a year, and I used it on my cheeks absolutely every day. It was the classic example of a beauty product that made you feel special just by wearing it, and is one I will always remember throughout my life.

Thinking about this early make-up experience inspired me to write a post about Benefit cosmetics, as I absolutely love their products. I thought if any of you guys were wanting to try some of their stuff, I would give you a list of my top 5 to get you started. So let’s go!

 High_Beam_HijabBenefit’s ‘High Beam’ was another early purchase. I remember staring at it online for months but never having the money to pay for it. Luckily, when I was in Duty Free at the airport, my Mum caved and bought me it. I am attached to this product because of the texture and blendability. It is luxurious and looks delicately shimmery on the tops of your cheekbones. I would definitely recommend this one if you have dry skin like me, and want to create a dewy finish.

10301135-1361369629-531374You may have heard me bang on about this product before, as I have mentioned it in monthly favourites. Benefit’s ‘Something About Sofia’ is my all time favourite scent. It has notes of caramel mixed with vanilla, mango, jasmine and freesias. As well as this, I like how it has a musky quality too. It’s not just a flimsy girlie scent, it has the ability of making me feel pretty and confident and I absolutely love it.

BenefitDandelionFacePowder_1As mentioned at the start of this post, ‘Dandelion’ was the first Benefit product I bought, and I absolutely love it. It applies sheer so is brilliant for the Spring/Summer and the colour can be built up for a more dramatic look. The soft pink colour really works well with light-medium skintones as it gives a radiant glow. The small particals of shimmer also give the blush highlighting qualities, which I adore!

Benefit Better Than BB Big EasyI have been using Benefit’s latest release, the ‘Big Easy’ better than BB cream, non-stop since I purchased it. I wanted a product with a very sheer coverage for Spring and I have to say that I’ve been so impressed with this! I apply a moisturiser underneath so the product sits well, then buff it into my face with my fingertips. It gives such a natural flawless finish that I’m obsessed with.

download (1)I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned my love for this mascara more than once on my blog. I love the lengthening non-clumping effect, which makes my eyelashes look fluttery, light and feathery.  The wand is the aspect of the product that I marvel most at, as it really does pick up every single one of my lashes. My only qualm with this product is the fact it’s so long-wearing and hard to remove, it sometimes makes my eyelashes fall out, which is not cool.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’m definitely going to be doing more ‘Top 5’ posts, I think my next one will be on Lush products! Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend too 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Best of Benefit: Top 5

  1. I also LOVE benefit!! I have a similar experience with trying out some of their stuff when I was young and being astonished at how beautiful it made me feel! Highbeam is probably my number one favorite from them! I have never tried dandelion, they’re real or the big easy. I’ll have to check those out! Great post!

    1. I really need to try it! I have dry skin so haven’t really got into primers, but I’ve heard such good things I’ll have to give it a go 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation honey! xx

  2. I think Benefit makeup is making a come back I’m in love with the They’re real mascara too I find using the Clarins oil based eye make up remover takes it off really easily

  3. Definitely try out Watts Up! I love high beam as well but Watts Up is more golden (perfect for spring and summer) and is easier to use (more travel friendly). I rarely reach for my High Beam anymore!
    I find that Watts Up can really be applied many ways. I’ve used it under and over my foundation as just a highlight or sometimes I like to lightly apply it to my whole cheeks for a really glowy look. I’ve also used this as an eye shadow base or just alone on my eyes when I forgot some products while traveling and it worked great.
    Loved this post, Benefit is one of my favorite brands. I’ve been wanting to pick up the Dandelion blush for ages, now I think I will 🙂

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