Paolo Nutini | Iron Sky

A lot of you will know that I’m not one to do a music post unless I really feel an emotional connection with a song. My last was on Nina Nesbitt’s ‘The Hardest Part’. Even though I can’t listen to that track without getting teary, the feeling I get from Paolo Nutini’s new album is unmatchable. The claims I am about to make in this post are going to sound pretty ridiculous until you click the play button on the video, and then I am certain you will agree with me on a few of my points.

I can honestly say that for me ‘Caustic Love’ isn’t just the album of the year so far, but the best thing I have listened to in my whole 19 (nearly 20) years of existence. This may sound like such a broad claim, but I literally love every single song. Even Adele has claimed that Paolo Nutini’s performances of ‘Caustic Love’ are the best live performances she has ever seen. Each track has an earthy rawness and you can genuinely feel the power of every individual word. ‘Iron Sky’ is a song I have been playing multiple times daily and it makes me feel so empowered and ready to tackle whatever life throws at me.

I have been trying to find the words to describe the empowerment I feel when listening to this song, but everything I try to type comes out as jumbledy nonsense. What I can say is that Nutini’s new album has reached a whole new level I didn’t expect him to even achieve, it is passionate, raw and completely captivating. ‘Iron Sky’ contains a rousing monologue that Charlie Chaplin speaks in ‘The Great Dictator’. This combined with the raspy declaration from Nutini that “we’ll rise… over fear, into freedom” really gives me a sense of hopefulness that is indescribable. 

Criticisms of Nutini’s new album seem to mostly stem from idiots, who argue that he is “skittering around in search of an artistic identity”, and thus  his album isn’t worthy to achieve a 5 star rating. To this I say, isn’t identity something that constantly evolves? A person’s character is shaped by circumstance and environment, and this is reflected in music variation. Identity is multi-layered and complex, not simply on one-note, so I will have to disregard those comments as poorly constructed criticism. As the saying goes, you learn more from the journey than the destination, and the exploration of different musical genres allows a much deeper connection with the album.

I urge you all to listen to this song, and really think about the words. I’d also recommend the entire album ‘Caustic Love’, I hope you connect with it as much as I do.



6 thoughts on “Paolo Nutini | Iron Sky

  1. All I had to read was Paolo Nutini and I knew I’d enjoy the song but…oh my gosh! I need to get this ASAP! Thanks for this post; I wasn’t aware he had a new album coming out. I can listen to his music for hours. I agree that identity is something that fluctuates and adjusts to life. From listening to this it seems his experiences have touched him deeply.

  2. This is one of my favorite albums!! Paolo has changed a lot throughout his career and this is his most deep and mature album. I saw him live this summer and I will never forget how beautiful and emotional it was!


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