Tanya Burr Lipgloss Review


There has been so much hype over Tanya Burr’s recent release of a lip gloss and nail varnish collection. I have been wanting to try some of her lip glosses for a couple of months now, but thought I’d wait until they hit Superdrug so I could see the colours in the flesh and choose which ones I wanted to try.

The texture of the glosses is probably my favourite thing about Tanya’s products. It is non-sticky, which means it doesn’t transfer onto everything and your hair doesn’t get caught in it. I also enjoyed the lightness of the formula, which makes you forget that you  have it on your lips! I have to comment on the smell too, it is so addictive and smells like Fruittella sweets haha 🙂

The first shade that I picked out was ‘Picnic in the Park’, a super cute pink colour. It is great because it is very subtle, and not too pale for my olive complexion. I find that pastel or baby pinks really wash me out, so was happy with the colour pay-off of the gloss I chose. 

securedownload (14)THIS


The gloss gives such a lovely natural sheen to the lips, and pairs wonderfully with a dark smoky eye or for one of them barely there make-up days. I found the staying power of it really good, which was surprising as gloss formulas usually aren’t very long lasting. I actually managed to eat a Big Mac McDonalds’ meal without this rubbing off (the ultimate lip gloss test). 

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As I loved ‘Picnic in the Park’ so much, I went back to purchase the next shade that I had been eyeing up, ‘Exotic Island’. It is a deep pinkish colour with purple undertones (the camera isn’t really doing justice to the purple aspect). I really adored the shade, the lipgloss isn’t overly pigmented, it gives the perfect pop of colour without looking too overdone or being too high maintenance. I’m glad that the colour wasn’t overly deep, because this gloss was less long-lasting than ‘Picnic in the Park’. I found myself topping it up quite regularly during the day as the colour slipped off. Thankfully, it is a gloss you can layer, so it doesn’t look bad when you re-apply it. Also, although the product did fade, it wasn’t patchy and awful, just less vivid. 

Overall, I have enjoyed the Tanya Burr lipglosses I have tried. For £6.99 I really think the formula is a winning one, and I would recommend it to you guys. I especially love ‘Picnic in the Park’ for it’s longevity and the subtle pink sheen it gives to your lips. 

Have any of you guys tried Tanya’s new line? I am definitely interested in giving the nail polishes a go! 


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