Shop The Trend | Palm Print Top 10


Palm print is a trend that has been popping up everywhere this Spring/Summer, and one that I have been absolutely loving. I thought I would give you guys a run down of 10 high street pieces that have been rocking the trend this month. They are fab because they capture the essence of style without breaking the bank! I hope you guys enjoy 🙂

1. Monochrome Palm Jacquard Tee, Topshop. Buy here.

2. Blue Tropical Blazer, New Look. Buy here.

3. Tropical Print Playsuit, ASOS. Buy here.

4. Two-tone Palm Print Playsuit, Motel. Buy here.

5. Green Palm Print Co-ords, Motel. Buy here.

6. Pink Springs Palm Tree Co-ords, Ark. Buy here.

7. Palm Tree Shopper Bag, New Look. Buy here.

8. Monochrome Palm Print Skirt, Oasis. Buy here.

9. Tropical Patterned Shorts, H&M. Buy here.

10. Tropical Skaters, Topshop. Buy here.


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