Life Update | Birthday, Presents & No More Exams

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I am very aware that my blogging has been really inconsistent for the past couple of weeks, but that’s because I’ve been so bogged down with university. I am really excited to get back on the horse and be more frequent with my posting, so if there’s anything you guys want me to post about, then please let me know! I had my last exam today, so thought I’d write a bit of a chatty catch up post to wind down and get myself back in the swing of things.


A really fun thing I did in the past couple of weeks was to go and see the mighty Leyton Orient at Wembley. It felt like such a momentous occasion, because my dad was 19 the last time Orient were playing for a place in the Championship, and I was 19 this time they were in the play off final. Unfortunately, they were defeated by Rotherham in a close game that ended in penalties. Despite this, it was such a great day and it was amazing to finally watch a football game at Wembley.

Another good thing that happened last week was that it was my birthday! My close family and I went to Las Iguanas for cocktails and then onto Jamie’s Italian for dinner. The cocktails were absolutely amazing, and I love how you can get 2 for 1 during Happy Hour before 7pm. If you like ginger beer, I’d recommend the Dark and Stormy, which is so yummy! My meal at Jamie’s was really enjoyable too, but I won’t bore you with every detail. 

I have securedownload1been obsessed with the colour orange at the moment, so I wore my bright cami with a black cropped jacket and my disco pants. I whacked on some of Topshop’s infrared lipstick which I’ve been absolutely loving. Glowing bronzed skin pairs so well with orange tones, so I used Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum and cream bronzer. Another change in my appearance is that I finally took the plunge at got my hair-cut! It is the first hair experience that hasn’t been traumatic, the guy only took 3 inches off and I didn’t come out feeling bald (for once).

The goodies that you can see at the top of my post are the presents that I got for my birthday. My family are amazing, and know that I love Benefit Cosmetics. I have wanted to try their skincare for ages, so was thrilled to receive a set of their minis including: the moisturising face cream, it’s potent eye cream, the moisture prep toning lotion and the triple performing facial emotion. The plan is to test them all out and if any of them improve my skin, I can buy a full-size. Next I got a gift set with Coralista blusher and lip gloss in (and I’ve been loving oranges so this is perfect). Finally, I received my favourite mascara, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’.

Last bit of news tell you guys is that I start work experience next week! I am going to be working in the fashion section of the Daily Mirror and I’m super excited at the prospect that I could be writing some articles. The main thing I am nervous about is what I’m going to wear! What to wear on a fashion-related work experience?! Oh the pressure! 

I’ll stop rambling and sign off now guys, but it feels so good to be away from exam pressure and back writing about things I love. Hope you all had a wonderful May, and lots of love 🙂



24 thoughts on “Life Update | Birthday, Presents & No More Exams

  1. What gorgeous hair and sweet smile you have! Good luck with your new job but I don’t read the Daily Mirror so will you post your articles on here for us to read? X

  2. That set of all the Benefit skincare minis looks amazing! I love their Ultra Radiance Facial Rehydrating Mist and It’s Potent! Eye Cream 🙂 Also, that mascara is on my list as a must-try

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