Quick Review | VO5 ‘Smoothly Does It’

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It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these old school posts that is simply a product review! I thought I’d let you guys know a bit about one of my favourite hair products at the moment, the VO5 ‘Smoothly Does It’ Tame & Shine Spray. 

My hair type is very coarse, dry and curly, so I really struggle battling the frizz and try hard to get some life back into my lacklustre hair. In the past, I have struggled with products that claim to add shine back into the hair, as they have just left my hair heavy and greasy. I have been super impressed with VO5’s spray because it is so light and you can barely feel that it’s there in your hair.

As I’ve been a but of a busy bee lately, I haven’t had much time to devote to my hair. I love how this product is quick and easy to use, you simply shake it up and spritz it onto dry hair. My hair can look a bit crazy on the first day of washing it, so if I have to go straight out, it is a nice quick fix for subduing all my puffy baby hairs.

I tend to shy away from using a lot of products in my hair, as you don’t want it to become weighed down or your scalp to become irritated. This spray not only tackles the frizz and adds shine, but also contains heat protectant. It gives such a wonderful and smooth finish if you’re blow-drying your hair, and you don’t need to worry about using a heat protection on top of it. Another way I like to use it is after I’ve gone 3 or so days without washing my hair. My hair is naturally very dry, so I try not to over-wash it, but without product, can look a bit damaged and lacklustre. Running a small amount of ‘Smoothly Does It’ through my hair really does the trick to get that oomph back!

Finally, I can’t not mention the fact that this product only costs £3.89 from Boots. I’ve had my bottle for ages and it’s still half full. What an absolute bargain! I’d recommend that all you frizzy/dry haired girls give this a go, or even those of you who like to achieve a super sleek blow-dried finish to your hair.


9 thoughts on “Quick Review | VO5 ‘Smoothly Does It’

  1. I absolutely love this VO5 range. The ‘smoothly does it’ conditioner is my go to at the moment! 🙂 this stuff sounds great too! xx

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