Top 5 Summer Beauty Essentials


Summer is finally here, and the last thing that I want to be doing is lugging around tons of products and slapping them onto myself. Light, dewy make-up is perfect for the warmer months. Here are 5 products that will be a life-saver on days where you just can’t be bothered to get all done up.

1. BB Cream with SPF – protecting your skin from the sun is imperative on hot days. No one wants to put themselves at risk of skin cancer or premature aging. I’m usually in a rush getting ready (as I like to lie in bed for as long as possible) so an all-in-one product is perfect for me. I’ve been loving Seventeen’s BB Magic Blemish Balm as it contains an SPF of 25 and the formula is said to prevent breakouts. For a BB cream, it has really impressed me because it actually gives a fair amount of coverage. 

2. Bronzer – this follows on from my previous comment on protecting your skin this summer. Try not to sit out in the sun too much or cause your skin extreme damage by going onto a sun-bed (fake it til you make it instead). On days where I’m feeling a bit washed out, I love to take some of Bourjois’ Bronzing Primer underneath my foundation (usually in a contour). It gives such a healthy glow to my face, which would be hard to achieve with a powder product.

3. Lip balm – hot weather = scaly lips = not a good look. I suffer from such dry skin and lips anyway, so this step is usually necessary for me. I’d really recommend Blistex – it’s sold at chemists and really does do the trick. I split my lip really badly once, and this stuff healed it up in little to no time. The Lip Brilliance collection is great too as it gives you a hint of colour along with it. 

4. Hair oil – I have long, dry, frizzy and course hair (lovely right). The ends of my hair are further dried out when it’s hot, and my hair goes frizzier when it’s humid. I love to run a bit of hair oil into the ends of my hair when I can feel it getting a bit dry. I use the VO5 Miracle Concentrate Oil after every hair wash, to prevent my hair from splitting and to keep it protected.

5. Body butter – I decided against banging on about The Body Shop again, because I really need to show some variety here haha! Another body butter I enjoy using is the Soap and Glory ‘Orangeasm’. It is such a nice invigorating scent for summer. Slather some of this onto your legs on days where you’ll be wearing shorts to achieve an enviable smooth finish. 





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