Top 5 Blogs Of The Month III


I love discovering new blogs, so I thought it’d be cool to share some that I have really been loving recently. Make sure you leave me a comment of some of your favourites (even if it is your own blog) because I’d love to check them out.

1. Arabella Golby: I am obsessed with Arabella’s style, from the statement jewellery to the ultra-feminine midi skirts. Photographs in her posts look as if they have been taken straight from a vintage film set. Whenever I’m feeling a bit of inspiration, or simply want to gawk at something beautiful, I always head over to her blog. A bit of exciting news is that Arabella has started including more beauty posts on her blog, so if fashion isn’t your thing, there’s something to look forward to.


2. Lily Melrose: If you want an honest and well-informed opinion, then you’ll be in love with Lily’s blunt approach to blogging. Her blog layout is clear and simple, reflective of her approach to posts. I like that looking at Lily’s blog is like looking into snippets of her life. It’s interesting to see what she’s been wearing, eating, seeing and thinking and refreshing that her blog has so much variety. 


3. Meg’s BoutiqueThe optimistic feel of both Meg’s posts and videos is so addictive. She works for Benefit Cosmetics, a brand I’m a bit obsessed with, so it’s nice to get the low-down on new products as they hit the market. We both have a similar clothing taste & love a good bargain, so I feel a real connection to her blog.


4. Liana Beauty: Warning warning… do not visit this blog unless you have money in your bank account to splurge. Amelia is one of the biggest culprits that triggers my spending habits, and it seems that she has this effect on many as the hashtag #feelingspendy has spread amongst the beauty community. I really enjoy Amelia’s beauty posts, and her hair is just the most flawless thing I’ve ever seen. I’d definitely recommend you checking her out.


5. Inthefrow: Victoria has won two Company blog awards now, and for very good reason. I am in love with her eclectic style and pastel coloured hair. It’s another blog that I find myself trawling through when I need some inspiration. Her down-to-earth persona is also really refreshing considering the success she has achieved. It’s like reading the advice of an honest friend, instead of some blogs that have made it big and now seem overly sponsored or insincere. 


Special mention has to also go to ViviannaDoesMakeup and Lily Pebbles too. I have already mentioned them on my favourite beauty gurus post, which you can read here. I have so much respect for them daily blogging as well as juggling meetings and making videos and the quality of their content is always tip top. 

Thanks for reading guys, I really hope you enjoyed my choices & I hope you end up enjoying these blogs as much as I do. Make sure you leave me a comment of your favourties, as I’d love to check them out.



20 thoughts on “Top 5 Blogs Of The Month III

  1. Hey, I have nominated you for the “Beauty Blogger of the month” award, please check the details of this award here “”
    and for my post please head towards to “”

  2. I love Amelia. She is the sweetest person. I met her through Greg (you may have seen him on her channel) and she is so sweet and down to earth that I naturally became obsessed with her blog and getting spendy lol

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