15 Things I Won’t Wear TAG


When I was tagged by Megan to do this tag, I was really excited as it seems like such a funny one to write. Some of the items I have included are almost universally despised, so I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

What I would say though, is a lot of my choices are just fashions that do not suit me personally. A small disclaimer that I think everyone should wear what makes them happy and confident, and not shy away from things other people dislike.

1. Big Gladiator Sandals: I’ve never really been a fan of knee-high boots in the first place (as I find it hard to get a pair that fit perfectly). I just find gladiator sandals a bit too clunky and not to my taste. Functionally too, they’re one of the worst things you can wear on your feet as they provide no support.


If you happen to like these sandals, they’re actually from ASOS, and you can grab them here.






2. Over-sized Clothing: This is a bit of a personal one, as baggy clothing all over is just really unflattering on me. I am self-conscious about coming across boy-like as I’m quite small, so I try my best to wear clothing that emphasises instead of covers my curves.


If over-sized clothing is your thing, this dress is from Ebay







3. Kitten Heels: I can’t walk in heels, and I actually find walking in kitten heels difficult too. I’m a go big or go home kind of person, so if I wear heels I want to make a statement. 


Red kitten heels – Topshop.





4. Palazzo Pants: This is another trend that looks great on other people, but I really don’t think I can pull off! Again, I’d rather emphasise the shape of my legs when I wear trousers. People wear them for comfort, but in these situations I’d grab some leggings or a dress instead.


Daisy-print Palazzo Pants: Boohoo









5. Clogs: I don’t think much needs to be said on these!








6. Drop-crotch Trousers: I just think these look like you’ve pooped your pants/you’re wearing a nappy (sorry!) Once again though, someone cooler than me could possibly pull this style off.


Dropped crotch trousers: ASOS.








7. Socks with Sandals: Just no, don’t do it! 


8. Mixed Animal Print: The old saying that you shouldn’t wear two different animal prints because they fight one another in the wild. I’ve actually seen some people pull this off, but personally I think it’d look a bit tacky.


9. Statement T-shirts: This is another matter of taste, but I can’t be the only person that cringes when they see someone wearing a tee emblazoned with “Geek”, “Nerd” etc. 


10. Puffy Jackets: I avoid these because I don’t want to look like the Michelin man.


11. Nude Coloured Clothing: Once again, it looks great on other people, but does not suit my olive complexion. I feel that it washes me out completely!


Anyone else wish this New Look dress came in more colours? 😦






12. Fur: I love how fur looks… there I said it. I suppose it could look a bit Pat Butcher if you’re not careful, but I think I looks luxurious and Great Gatsby-esque. I’m against wearing real fur though, as it can take hundreds of animals to produce one garment. Stick to the fake fur ladies!


In love with this fake-fur jacket from H&M, but I can see how it wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste :).






13. Hollister/Abercrombie & Fitch: I just hate everything about this company (apart from maybe the smell). I refuse to support a company that is discriminatory and outwardly condemns over-weight and ‘uncool’ people. 

14. Crocs: Not gonna lie, I have some Crocs flip-flops that don’t look bad and are literally the COMFIEST things ever. The standard Crocs are just too horrible to think about, no matter how comfy they may be.


15. Ripped Jeans: This is another matter of taste, and I think some people can look really effortlessly cool in ripped jeans. Personally, I look a bit of a scruff anyway, and I think ripped jeans would make me look tramp-like.


Ripped jeans: River Island.







I hope you guys enjoyed this post (and I haven’t offended too many people). What is your worst fashion item? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you want to give this TAG a go, you can say I tagged you! I’d love to read the responses you come up with, so be sure to leave the links below.


28 thoughts on “15 Things I Won’t Wear TAG

    1. It was a funny one to write haha! & I know exactly what you mean, I see some of them on other people and it looks fab, but it just doesn’t work on me 🙂 Thanks for reading hon xx

  1. I totally agree with some of these, especially the crocs, dropped crotch pants, and socks with sandals!!! But sometimes I like to wear things that are so ugly they are cute (like shirts with cat prints haha). And ummm…I am guilty of owning a lot of the stuff on the list too! I love beige clothes paired with kitten heels lah

    Things I would not wear (for now): stupid boots with cutouts…what season are they for? Prairie skirts, mom jeans, culottes, peplums, and anything that makes me look fat :/

    1. Oh my goodness, anything with cats on and I’m there (and animal print jumpers) we probably dress similar haha! I know exactly what you mean on the things you wouldn’t wear list. It’s all about feeling comfortable isn’t it 🙂 (PS I’m sure you don’t look fat in anything) xx

  2. Hahah I love this tag I might have to do it!! 🙂 such a funny idea and I think I agree with you on everything haha. Xx

  3. a lot of these i totally agree on! i love the way most look on others but i can’t figure out the way for me to wear it. i disagree though on statement shirts. i don’t like t-shirts with logos on them but one of my favorite shirts is a super comfy men’s t-shirt with the ninja turtles on the front! but it’s good that not everyone likes the same things ;]

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