Holy Grail Hair Care

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When it comes to hair-care, the majority of people prefer not to splash the cash. There are multitudes of amazing smelling products that seemingly do the job and are faff-free. I used to be one of these people, but still noticed that my hair was really coarse and dry. In the past, I suffered a lot with damaged split ends, and used the Philip Kinglsey elasticiser to rejuvenate my locks (I am still in love with this product – if you have damaged hair definitely check it out).

I recently got my hair cut – a big deal for someone who hates the awkwardness of hair salons and worries about all their hair getting chopped off by accident. It felt in amazing condition and I was really pleased I had still managed to retain the length. After my hair-cut I started using a new shampoo and conditioner. This completely dried out my hair, making it extremely difficult to style and as wild as a caveman’s. 

The main thing I am complimented on is my hair, so to see it in such a bad state made me feel self-conscious. You could visibly see the split ends and it felt so brittle that parts were beginning to break off. I knew something had to be done and my mum recommended trying more Philip Kingsley products. I was a bit sceptical at paying £19 each for a shampoo and conditioner, but if it would fix my ruined hair I was prepared to give it a go. I decided to purchase the ‘moisture balancing’ range.

I have to say that these products are COMPLETELY worth it. I have been using them for a few weeks and there is still more than half of the product left. There isn’t any faff using them, you simply apply them the same as you would a normal shampoo and conditioner. I like to leave the conditioner in for around 10 minutes as a kind of mask. It really replenishes the dry hair and makes it easier to manage. On days where my hair needs even more attention, I’ll use the Philip Kingsley elasticiser for some extra protection and indulgence.

This post is NOT sponsored by Philip Kingsley, I am just absolutely awe-struck at their products and would recommend them to anyone struggling with their hair.


One thought on “Holy Grail Hair Care

  1. That’s good to know .. I have seen that brand on several websites and I wondered if it was nice or not … I think I will probably try it someday !

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