Brighton Days 2&3: Sangria, Beach & The Lanes

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I can only apologise for the late-ness of this post. I’d gotten into the swing of scheduling blog posts to go up every other day but found myself getting behind. Long story late of my excuse is that I’ve been working with children from 8:30-6 every day and I come home exhausted and just crash down. I’m back on top of things now so nobody panic, still gonna be writing regularly.

Rant over, and I thought I’d tell you guys about days 2 and 3 of my lovely sunny trip in Brighton. I had so much fun writing the last post, so I hope you guys enjoy!

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We awoke bright and early at The Neo B&B after one of the best nights sleep ever. The bed was huge and super comfy and the room was warm and cosy. We arrived at breakfast and ordered some tea, coffee and smoothies, which were absolutely delicious.

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For breakfast we had American style blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, which were as yummy as they look!

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We spent the 2nd day wandering around the Lanes, which are cute little streets with loads of quirky shops in. It was so nice to have a browse without spending. We found some really old maps, antique shops and vintage clothes stores. 






Before heading out for our evening meal, we decided to sample some of the cocktails at the B&B. I had one of my favourites, a margarita (as pictured half-drunk). Rob had The Neo Classic, their signature cocktail with black cherry vodka (not pictured as it was drunk too quickly) . Both were really enjoyable and set us up nicely for the evening ahead.




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The restaurant of choice for the evening was the Aguadulce, which served Spanish cuisine. I’ve always been a big fan of Spain, and was doubtful whether it would live up to the paellas I’ve had on the beach in Nerja. I wasn’t disappointed as the food was amazing. If you are into huge portion sizes as well this is the place for you. It would have been rude not to get a big jug of sangria alongside the meal, which went down a right treat.

We strolled back along the beach to the B&B feeling quite merry and full up 🙂

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We were dreading the last day of our trip as by this point we really didn’t want to leave! I have definitely fallen really in love with the relaxed and quirky atmosphere of Brighton. Our late train back to London allowed us the time to soak up the sun on the beach for one final day. We hired out these deckchairs for the bargainous price of £2 and plonked ourselves there all day. The book I read was ‘The Lie’ by Helen Dunmore, which was gripping and hard-hitting without being exhausting (the perfect beach read).

We rounded off our journey with a final drink at the train station before waving goodbye to Brighton for now. Hopefully there will be another adventure soon 🙂


5 thoughts on “Brighton Days 2&3: Sangria, Beach & The Lanes

  1. This is funny, I was literally standing right on the beach where you were yesterday haha! I’m going to post about it soon too 🙂 it was soo windy! You look lovely as always xxx

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