August Favourites

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Feels weird and slightly scary that it’s September already, feels like the official start of Autumn (though I’m really excited to wear vampy lipstick and whack out the xmassy jumpers). Coming at you with a favourites post today, and got a couple of non-beauty related exciting things in there to mix it up. Hope you guys enjoy & let’s get started.

1) Burberry ‘Weekend’ Perfume

I’m a bit weird when it comes to wearing this and genuinely only apply it on Friday evenings/Saturdays & Sundays. I think this has made me enjoy the scent so much more because I associate it with feel good weekend vibes. It’s a very fresh scent (which is perfect for me because I tend to avoid perfumes with overly floral notes) and has hints of citrus which makes me feel nice and energised. Describing smells is not really a strong point of mine, so give it a sniff next time you’re near a perfume counter. 

2) Helen Dunmore – The Lie

Despite being a literature student, I think this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned a book on my blog before (which is pretty sickening actually). I don’t really get much free time to read for purely enjoyment or relaxation purposes so I was surprised that I really got into this novel. It’s based on WWI, fitting as it’s published in the wars centenary year, and explores the psychological effects on survivors. I was fascinated by Dunmore’s ability to cut seamlessly from terrifying war-scenes to a more quiet and mundane countryside world. It’s poetically written and tackles the issue of war without being too intense or depressing. For any of you who want an easy to read novel that is still thought provoking, I’d definitely give this one a go 🙂

3) L’Oreal – Lextrodinaire Liquid Lipstick by Colour Riche in Rose Melody

I’ve babbled on about this in my previous post, so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. I love the packaging, I love the formula and I love how the shade makes me feel like a classic vintage beauty. Here’s a little swatch for your enjoyment.

securedownload (12)


4) Barry M – Silk Nail Polish in Mist

barry-m-silk-collectionI’m a sucker for pastel colours and this one does not disappoint at all. Barry M nail polishes are so reasonably priced and the formula stays on the nails for days without hassle. I’ve been particularly addicted to this colour because I associate it with Cinderella’s ball gown. Who doesn’t want to feel like a Disney Princess? 




5) The Body Shop – All in One BB Cream

I’ve been having a bit of a battle with my skin and foundation at the moment. I’ve had a few blemishes and haven’t been loving how foundation settles on imperfections and clogs up my pores. BB cream is the perfect compromise. The colour adapting formula enables it to blend into the skin and it’s beautifully sheer and natural looking. On areas that I’ve needed a bit more coverage I’ve just slapped on some concealer and blended out. I’d definitely recommend this BB cream to anyone wanting a more natural finish to their make-up look. 

6) The Body Shop – Tea Tree Blemish Gel

I’m definitely not sponsored by The Body Shop, just highly addicted. Not going to babble more about how bad my skin is. Just wanted to let let you guys know that if you have any blemishes and apply some of this gel they’ll settle down overnight and it’s brilliant.

7) Accessorize Necklace

I’m all about the statement necklace, but still don’t wear jewellery that much. When I was out shopping the other day I spotted this absolute beauty and just couldn’t say no. Although it was fairly pricey I really think this piece would make an outfit (and my monochrome wardrobe sure does need jazzing up). 

securedownload (13)

I’m feeling a bit rebellious this month, so will leave you with a song I’ve been enjoying as well (I know I’m really going all out today). I’m loving an artist called Kiesza and urgently want her to release more stuff. The 80s vibe is so fun and feel good it brings out all my best attributes. Here’s a clip of ‘Giant in my Heart’ in case any of you want a listen.


12 thoughts on “August Favourites

  1. Burberry weekend is one of my favourite perfumes! I also have the BB Cream but it hasn’t really been of any joy to me! Great post! P.s Where is your jumper from in the bottom photo?! X

  2. Burberry weekend is one of my favourite perfumes! I also have the BB Cream but it hasn’t really been of any joy to me! Great post! P.s Where is your jumper from in the bottom photo?! X

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