Topshop Lipsticks

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As a lover of all things British (scones, bunting, the royal family, queueing..) it seems only logical that I’m a huge Topshop fan. I practically skip out of the shop swinging my bags every time I make a purchase. Although my main driving force of entering Topshop is to buy clothes, I’m really into the make-up selection, especially the lipsticks.

I picked up two new shades of lipstick when shopping today, as they were on a buy 2 for £12 offer (great value considering one MAC lipstick is £15.50). I thought I’d give you guys a run down on the colours I’ve got and a bit about why the Topshop formulas are so great.

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I really enjoy the matte finish of these lipsticks, as they’re long wearing without being drying. In my opinion, it’s easier to get away with wearing bold shades during the day time if they’re not glossy. The formula is hassle-free, ideal if you’re lazy like me and don’t like continuously checking your make-up. It is satisfying to find affordable & pigmented lipsticks that stay where you put them & last for hours.

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Shades left to right: Boom Boom, Drive, Really Ruby, Infrared (the best lipstick ever).

Here’s a few quick swatches of the colours I’ve got. As you can see they’re extremely vibrant with a creamy texture. (Topshop have lots of nude shades too but I’m more of a bold lip kind of girl).

I hope you have enjoyed this post guys! What would you say is your favourite high-street lipstick? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment below 🙂




39 thoughts on “Topshop Lipsticks

    1. That was my justification for spending on another lipstick I don’t really need haha! The spendaholic in me was telling me that I’d get loads of wear out of it in Autumn 🙂 thanks for reading my love, gonna check out your blog now xx

  1. I wanted Topshop lipsticks before but now I want them even more! They look so good! Do they stain at all though? As in, are they hard to remove?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m from Canada, so our Topshop locations have marked up prices since it’s shipped from the UK 😦 I doubt we would ever have a Topshop sale like that in Canada but a girl can dream!

  3. The colours look amazing. I also go to Topshop mainly for the clothes but will try their makeup range as well seems fabulous! Cant wait to see what their nude lippies look like:)

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