A Day At Ascot


To celebrate my uncle’s 50th birthday last weekend, my family and I visited Ascot racecourse in Berkshire. I’d never been to the races before, and to be honest don’t know how much I agree with it (or gambling), but I have to say I had a really amazing day.

My main dilemma leading up to the event was ‘what does one wear to the races’? To be honest, I was hoping it’d be a very fancy affair where I’d get to balance an ornate hat on my head and refer to everyone as darling. My mum advised me that not many people wear hats unless it is a bigger event, so I decided to go for a smart but not out there look instead. I tried to harness my inner Kate Middleton, but I’m afraid I probably ended up seeming like an over-excited Eliza Doolitle!


Peplum Top: Topshop

Jacket: Vintage 

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: John Lewis

I must say though, there were some people that went crazy with the fancy-ness of Ascot and did wear ostentatious hats. So if you wanna really make a statement on the day, you won’t look out of place! (And on the other side of the coin there were people who dressed quite casually.)


As we’re not big gamblers in our family, we decided to bet with a kitty and each put £10 into the pot. This gave us enough to bet for the whole day in the safe knowledge that we wouldn’t go crazy and lose a load of money. It made the day really exciting as everyone was able to choose a horse and we’d root for it as a family. Sadly, we only picked one winning horse, but it was such an experience that it didn’t matter. I was surprised at the rush I got from the atmosphere and cheering along our horses as I really didn’t think it’d be my cup of tea. 

This has been quite a brief post, but I really wanted to document the weekend. I love reading lifestyle-related posts and having a nosey into other people’s lives and I hope you guys have enjoyed it too! I’ll leave you with some of my favourite snaps from the day 🙂


 Waiting for the races to begin!


 Bit of a blurry one of the family and I on the green


Thought this was a cute shot of my sister taking a selfie of herself, my little cousin and I!


6 thoughts on “A Day At Ascot

  1. I LOVE Ascot! My boyfriend and I met there (working, not pleasure unfortunately) and we really enjoy going to the races wherever that may be & when we can. Like you did on your visit, we always go with a budget and bet within that, sometimes we come home with more, less or break even; it’s all part of the fun! x

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