Why It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect


Perfection is something shoved into our faces each and every day of our lives. Whether it be the pressure to achieve academically, competitively or physically. It’s taken some time for me to accept that perfection is unattainable. Airbrushed models splashed over magazines are distorted images and no matter how perfect someone’s life may seem, we all have our flaws. It is pointless wasting days of your life worrying about inadequacy. 

Last year I put so much pressure on myself that it became difficult to be happy. It’s easy for me to tell you that all it takes is to be positive, but I’d be naive to think that everything is that simple. Here are a couple of key things I try to remember when I’m being hard on myself.

1) Accepting yourself is difficult, but being okay with faults is the first step to easing the burden. Remember that imperfection is what makes each person an individual. Rather than faults, deficiencies or hindrances, they are learning experiences that help us evolve. 

2) Stop comparing yourself to others. It can be difficult to be content when unrealistic ideals are projected onto us through fairytales, celebrity culture and the media. While it is helpful to look to strong role models for inspiration, it is important to believe in yourself. 

3) Don’t let other people bring you down. It can be really difficult when someone makes a critical comment, but it’s crucial to try and remember that not everyone in life is going to like you, and that’s okay

On a side note, keeping up a level of positivity when blogging can be difficult (and there are times I just can’t write posts no matter how much I try). The main piece of advice that successful bloggers give is that “consistency is everything”. With so many people now doing this as a profession it’s hard not to have ambition, but it’s important to stay true to yourself. Think about why you started writing in the first place, for me this was to express myself – and I really cling to the therapeutic value. I might not always be able to stick to my every other day posting schedule (or even get a post out on a bad week), I may not be the best at photography, and my sentence structure and style may not be perfect, but that’s okay

This post feels like a bit of a rambled stream of consciousness, but hopefully someone out there one day will glean something useful from it. I feel like I’ve taken the tone of my blog a bit deep for a lazy Sunday read, but let me know if you guys like this kind of post and I might do more in the future. (It’s one of them ones that has been lurking in my drafts section for a while that I haven’t had the courage to post.) Leave me a comment if you guys have any tips for how you stay positive, as it’s something I’m still trying to come to grips with. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂


7 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay Not To Be Perfect

  1. This made me smile 😊 thanks for writing something so personal and relatable. I struggle with motivation to blog and do other things, because I think it isn’t going to be perfect therefore there’s no point. This really opened my eyes 😶 Really well written too lovely xx

  2. I love this post. I also have a bit of a “schedule ” for when I post on my blog, but for me, my best writing comes when I’m inspired. So most weeks I just flub my schedule, but I hope my readers appreciate the better writing and more happy post then something that’s forced.

    As for The comparing yourself to others, I feel you. I live in Greenwich CT, so believe me. In the beginning I felt like I didn’t fit in and like I had to dress a certain way, and always have my face done. None of that is me though. I’m not rich, and I wear sweats, and makeup when I want to.

    Accepting who I am , has made me infinitely happier.

    1. I definitely prefer relaxed posts than forced ones!
      It’s awesome that you’re comfortable within yourself & don’t worry about what everyone else is doing 🙂
      Thank you so much for reading my post & leaving a comment, it makes my day! Lots of love xx

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