Liquid Lipsticks | An Obsession

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Writing posts like this really makes me wonder why lipsticks-aholics anonymous doesn’t exist. Applying lipstick is my favourite part of my going out make up routine. It can really bring the face to life – a bold red transforming you into a hollywood starlet or a bright pink into a 80s pop diva. 

Recently it seems that all I’ve been reaching for is liquid lipsticks. The formulas are super long-wearing on the lips but still feel comfortable. With normal lipsticks, they tend to fade out awkwardly, are difficult to re-apply or just settle unflatteringly on the lips (unless you use a lipliner but I’m far too lazy for that). 

Rimmel Apocolips Range

photo 5

When the Rimmel Apocolips lipsticks came out in The UK last year they took the beauty industry by absolute storm. I remember being blown away by the vibrancy and pigmentation of the shades as well as the longevity of the formula. Despite this, my main complaint was that without careful application they bled out past my lipline (creating the effect that I’d been at the strawberry jam without a spoon). As long as you take the time to apply these carefully, they are so amazing and I would highly recommend them.

Another minor qualm I had with the Apocolips range was the glossy finish of the formula. Although it does look gorgeous, I’m not really brave enough to wear a bold glossy lip in the day-time. For this reason, I was so excited to see that Rimmel have released a matte version of their Apocolips range this year. I prefer the formula as well as the finish, as I’ve experienced no issues with colour smudging around my face.

photo 6Colours from left to right: Nova, Across the Universe, Orange-ology (matte), Galaxy, Big Bang, Apocalyptic, Atomic Rose (matte), Luna.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets

photo 3

 photo 7

I think I’m gonna go as far to say that this is my favourite lip product of all time. The satin finish settles on the lips seamlessly and it doesn’t even feel like you’ve got anything on them. Even though it’s so light weight, the pigmentation really packs a punch and the colours look absolutely mesmerising. If you haven’t tried these yet I think you should run out on a search immediately!

Colours from top to bottom:

Ole Flamingo

Red Pepper




L’Oreal LExtrodinaire Liquid Lipstick

photo 4

photo 8

                                                                          L’Oreal didn’t used to be a brand that I reached for, but they’ve really killed it with their releases this year. It is rumoured that these liquid lipsticks are a dupe for the YSL glossy stains (which cost a whopping £25 per tube). L’Oreal have won on the packaging stakes because the product really does look and feel high-end (and only costs £8-9). I really enjoy the shimmery formulas of these glosses, they have an almost vintagey feel and are really easy to wear. They’re not as pigmented or long-lasting as the Bourjois or Rimmel ones, but look and feel just as comfortable on the lips. 

Colours from top to bottom: Molto Mauve, Nude Ballet

Have you guys tried any liquid lipsticks? I’m tempted to treat myself to a YSL glossy stain this Christmas, but can’t justify splurging at the moment. If you have any recommendations, I’d love for you to let me know!




28 thoughts on “Liquid Lipsticks | An Obsession

      1. You’re welcome! Too faced products are some of my favorites! You have great eyeshadow primer and eyeshadow colors that are SUPER pigmented

  1. Great choices! I love the Bourjois Velvet Rouge lipsticks and the Rimmel Apocalips but you’re right, I don’t dare to wear the glossy Apocalips on a daily basis yet! I would definitely join you in the lipsticks-aholics anonymous group!!

    Dina│Cardiff Beauty Blog

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