#MCM Man Crush Monday with New Look


As a great appreciator of some man-candy on a dreary Monday, it’s safe to say I was right on board to collaborate with New Look for their AW campaign. The challenge was to pick our man-crush and style him up in New Look’s new men’s  collection. 

If I had to put into words the extent that I love Paolo Nutini it would probably take pages and pages, so I’ll try and keep it brief! He was an easy choice for a muse, as I’m constantly swooning over his raspy tones in Iron Sky or gazing into his intense green eyes. I really enjoy his laid-back but effortless fashion sense (and it takes an edgy guy to be able to pull of a leather jacket). I was really drawn to these pieces in New Look‘s collection.

new look menswear

Leather Jacket | Acid Wash Jeans | Crew Necked T-shirt | Black Heritage Plimsolls | Black Knitted Jumper

Paolo is often seen sporting grungy-worn in jeans, so I opted for a distressed gray pair. His look tends to be really simplistic, so this jumper can be thrown over to achieve an effortless look. I couldn’t help but throw in a bit of Scottish charm to the mix, so opted for a toned down tartan-esque tee. 

I’ve loved pretending to dress my man-crush this Monday – and by some wild chance you’re reading this Paolo, feel free to hire me as your personal shopper!

I’ll leave you guys with this song to swoon over 🙂 Be sure to comment below who your man crush is!


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