Festive Lush Bubble Bars

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I’m writing this blog post wrapped up in bed with my duvet and blankets like a squirrel in hibernation. As the cold winter months are upon us, there really is nothing like a nice warm bubble bath to keep you sane. Lush bubble bars are a great little indulgence for them days where you need a little pick me up.

Aside from how cute these little guys are, they smell fantastic and really do help you to relax. At around £3 a pop, these may seem a bit pricey – but what is great is that you don’t have to use the whole product to get an amazingly bubbly bath. I tend to only need 1/3 of the bar to get the effect that I want (and doing this a couple of times a week isn’t going to break the bank).

Wizard_webThe first bubble bar I picked up recently was ‘The Wizard’. It was limited edition for Halloween, but you still might be able to grab some in store if you’re quick. It turns your bath into a purple bubbly wizard’s potion that smells like revitalising tangerine and juniper.


PenguinNext up, I just couldn’t resist this little penguin (and trust me it was difficult breaking him up to use in my bath). It didn’t drastically change the colour of my bath, but it smelled gorgeous. Similarly to the wizard, it gave off a refreshing citrusy scent. 


CANDY MOUNTAIN Finally, I got my hands on an absolute cult classic (and probably my favourite Christmassy Lush product). ‘Candy Mountain’ turns your bath into a pink bubbly puddle of delight. If you’re not into really sweet scents it probably isn’t for you, but I find it absolutely addictive.


I’d urge you all to take a trip to Lush while all of the festive stock is in there (it’ll put you in a great mood even if you don’t buy anything). What are your favourite products to pick you up during the Winter time?





19 thoughts on “Festive Lush Bubble Bars

  1. I love the wizard bubble bar he is my favourite at the moment.. I am quite gutted thats not an all year round one! For an all year round one I really like Granny takes a dip! I love how colourful it is 🙂

  2. I have been perusing the Lush website and just cannot decide which items to get, and which to leave. My cart always ends up holding 15 or so items! I then tell myself ‘this is ridiculous’ and proceed to close the window. lol hopefully I can make my mind up and make a realistic size order! ha ha

  3. I love these too! I always feel a little sad using them though, it’s like you want to have them on display but then you also want to use them. It’s also a predicament in our household. Is that just me?

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