The Makeup Bag

photo 3I was lucky enough to receive a Penhaligon cosmetics case for Christmas from my amazing dad. Up until now I’ve been using a sparkly iPad case as my make-up bag – which doesn’t exactly ooze class or functionality. I usually struggle with my make-up bag breaking or getting battered, but this one is so well-made and sturdy. It’s also got a lot of room (so you could even fit a palette in if you’re travelling). There are a few small compartments which are handy places to store brushes or cotton pads/ear buds. 

 I don’t have much else to say on the matter – I just thought I’d show you guys a bit of high-end leather loveliness. Click here to get you’re own – I just spotted that they are massively reduced in the winter sale, so go ahead and spoil yourself this boxing day. It’d also be great if you need to buy any late presents – as it comes in a gorgeous gift box complete with a dust bag to keep your cosmetics case pristine.

photo 2


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