Designer Spotlight | BLK DNM @ Avenue32


The world of designer fashion can be daunting, intimidating and largely inaccessible for the every-day consumer. Being a student, high end clothes are usually outside my price range. I often feel a bit self conscious browsing through luxury items in store when I have looming shop assistants watching over me. For this reason, I was intrigued when I was contacted by online luxury store Avenue 32.

Personally, if I invest in designer fashion I expect the pieces to be good-quality and classic styles I can wear on a day-to-day basis. When perusing Avenue 32 I was drawn towards the BLK DNM collection. I love how the colour palette is largely black, gray and white which allows you to incorporate the pieces into your normal wardrobe. The clothes are beautifully cut and draped to give you that effortlessly edgy but chic look.

My favourite item has to be this gorgeous dark green leather jacket. It’s such a timeless piece that is made more quirky by its olive-toned shade. It is definitely worth investing in good quality when it comes to outwear – my everyday leather jacket used to be worn by my mother when she was my age. Good quality leather lasts decades and distresses over time to give it an amazing grungy effect.

I love that the site allows you to browse through so many styles and designers with just the click of the button. I personally hate the business and stress of shopping in the sales. It’s really difficult to find hidden gems amongst the swarm of people and jumbled clothes. I found some amazing discounts on the sale section, so it’s definitely worth taking a look even if designer clothes are usually out of your price range.

What fashion item do you guys think is worth investing in? Be sure to leave me a comment below! 

*this is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own


4 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight | BLK DNM @ Avenue32

  1. I agree about feeling intimidated by shopping at high end stores. It’s like the sales associates know I can’t afford any of it! But I feel so much more satisfied when I buy good quality items. They may cost more, but I know they will last!

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