My Guilty Pleasures

guilty pleasures

I stumbled across this post over on Lily Melrose’s blog, and it really made me smile. There’s something fascinating about discovering what people get up to when nobody’s watching! Here are 10 of my guilty pleasures, make sure you guys comment below if you relate to any of these/what your guilty pleasures are.

1) Watching cat/animal videos. I’m gonna put it out there that I have a ‘cheer up’ folder on my laptop with pictures and videos of cute animals that make me smile.

2) Constant list writing (mainly so I can go through the satisfying process of scribbling tasks out aggressively when I’ve completed them). 

3) Googling pictures of cakes and macaroons – I often do this when I’m feeling hungry/trying to be healthy, just to torture myself a bit more.

4) Shark documentaries. Bit of a weird one but I bloody love sharks. They scare the living daylights out of me, but they’re so fascinating. Hopefully I’ll get to go diving with them one day.

5) Crying at live performances. They just kill me okay. Especially this one and this one.

6) Obsessing over coats. Especially if they’re from Topshop. I have so many coats that I never wear, but there’s always room for one more right?

7) Slobbing around in my pyjamas all day (usually eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) – as a uni student with a couple of days off a week, it’d be rude not to really wouldn’t it?!

8) Singing when I’m walking around in public on my own. It makes me feel safe, that’s until someone catches me doing it and it’s embarrassing!

9) Chai Spiced Lattes – I could really use my flask and take a coffee in for the day, but spending £2 on a latte makes it taste so much better right?

10) Freaking myself out – Secretly planning what I’d do if there was a zombie apocalypse or serial killer on the loose. (When I have to go somewhere on my own in the house at night I usually run in case someone grabs me!)


15 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasures

  1. I’m definitely guilty of doing 8, I’d like to think I’m as good as the person I’m listening to on full blast but mainly cos I can’t hear myself haha! My coat obsession know no bounds either I always feel more attached to them then anything else in my wardrobe, they’re the hardest things to give up/throw away even though they’re past their prime!

  2. Love this list! What a great idea for a post. I totally relate to your love of shark documentaries, but then again, I love anything to do with the ocean!

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