Top 5: Non-Slushy Valentines Cards

ryan-gosling-is-love-L-SXa893For some strange reason, I’ve really gotten into cards recently. Whether that be browsing the internet for ages looking for the perfect illustration to suit the occasion, or receiving cute words and images to put in my scrapbook. I thought I’d use my new-found love for cards to counter my aversion to over slushy messages and compliments. Here are my Top 5 cards for all you non-romantics out there.


1) Oh I do love a card that’s topical & humorous without being too offensive. Grab your Kanye card here.


2) I just love the simplicity and whimsy about this card! It’s a great one to give to someone early on in a relationship if you’re trying to avoid using the L-bomb. 


3) Who doesn’t enjoy a good pun? I definitely laughed at this card more than I should have. It’s pure silliness.


4) This card put a smile on my face too, they’ve nailed the awkwardness of relationships so perfectly. So great for those of you ‘seeing’ someone you like but not wanting to scare them off with anything too OTT. (It’s also quite cute because it implies you want the relationship to develop into something more.)



5) I thought this one was cute. Cute enough without being vomit inducing, which is perfect.

& There we have it! I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this post 🙂 Make sure you comment below what your favourite card was / what non-cringey things you like to do for Valentine’s day! 

I thought I’d do a little Valentines post trilogy on here so be sure to keep an eye out for my other two gift guide posts for him and her. 


10 thoughts on “Top 5: Non-Slushy Valentines Cards

  1. Love these! Me and my boyfriend aren’t overly romantic at all but feels weird not to get him anything for Valentine’s day!

    Mary //

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