Life Update

bright-future-quotes-5Anyone that has been following my blog for a while may be wondering if I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth. I’d like to start off by saying sorry that my posting has been so irregular this year. From today, my vow is to post at least three times a week (future Soph reading this, please take note).

One huge thing that has occurred since I last wrote is that I am officially done with university. Shortly after the huge wave of relief washed over me as I put my pen down after my last exam, I was hit with pure panic. How have these past three years gone so quickly? Am I ready to be unleashed into the big bad world?

Where there are aspects of life that will change and I’m sure to miss – some of my best friends, living close to my boyfriend, studying two subjects I absolutely love, waking up past 9am, and being able to get absolutely trollied on nights out – the future is certainly very bright and exciting. 

I thought I’d share a little list of things I’m excited for after graduating, perhaps to reassure some of the rest of you who are going through big changes in life, but mainly to remind myself of the positive things that lie ahead.

1) Getting a real job: As scary as the 9-5 is going to be, I’m really looking forward to getting into a proper routine. The thought that I’ll be able to apply some of the things I’ve learnt at university into real life is something that really excites me. Even though working day in day out will be a bit of a shock at first, hopefully I’ll meet some really cool new work friends!

2) Spending more time with my family: At times, being away from my family at university has been really stressful.  As much as losing my freedom will be difficult, I am really close with my parents and I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time with them.

3) Catching up with friends from home: When you’re super stressed at university, it’s often easy to slack on keeping up with your friends from home. Some of my closest and oldest friends are graduating too and I just can’t wait to be re-united with them again. 

4) Having more time for blogging: I love to write and in my perfect fantasy land I’d be doing so as a living. The past few months I’ve been awful at balancing blogging and university stress. I hope that when I get into a proper routine that finding a time for writing will be a lot easier.

5) Reading what I want: Studying literature and history at university has been fantastic and I have absolutely no regrets. The one down-side of being forced to read hundreds of pages at uni every week is that you lose the desire to read anything for fun. During the holidays, there’s nothing I enjoy more than picking up a good book and reading through it at my own pace. I have so many books on my list to get through and I really can’t wait to get cracking on them!

So I’m done giving you guys an insight into what my brains been thinking lately. I hope it’s been at least a little bit entertaining or useful, but even if it hasn’t it feels great to be back on the blogging bandwagon.

What have you all been up to recently? Any big news or changes in your life? Let me know in the comments below 🙂


One thought on “Life Update

  1. Missed your posts! I found it hard to post over exam period and I’m only in first year! Hope you have a lovely summer and results go well! Would be lovely to have a summer beauty shopping day!xxx

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